Worthiness is your BIRTHRIGHT

Listen to me loud and clear:

You do not have to do ANYTHING to prove your worth.

Worthiness is your BIRTHRIGHT

This came in hot for a client of mine recently

Feeling the anxiety to get all the things done during nap time rush

And really…everything.

It can feel like a LOT right?

I know because I have been there myself.

Feeling like I needed to rush around and get everything done that I could when my kids were napping (when they were younger)

And then that shifted to getting everything done that I could fit into one day while my kids were at school

Going around picking up after everyone, even after I asked THEM to do it.

Living an “I have to life”

—which meant always complaining about something that was coming up and needed to be done.

Dive deep (journaling prompts for you) :

  • Why are you feeling this anxiety of getting all the things done?

  • Where in your life did you feel like this in the past?

(You can dive deeper here too!)

  • What’s your truth?

This awareness alone is the first step in healing.

Understanding you’re not loving the way you’re feeling and something has to give.

Then stating your truth and embodying the way you desire to feel. FEEL the feelings of what your truth is ️

The truth is, you don't actually have to rush around to get all the things done. It's safe for you to BE and do nothing too!

You are doing amazing.

If you need these affirmation reminders, you can save the above below to your phone or I have them on my IG here, you can swipe and see each one individually to save the one that resonates the most.

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