When you hit a breaking point

Enough is ENOUGH, I’ve hit my breaking point.

There HAS to be another way.

I simply canNOT keep living like this!

Have you ever said those to yourself?

Girl, me too.

3.5 years ago when we first PCSd (fancy military term for "move") to South Dakota, I hit that final straw for me.

I was having another full blown panic attack right before my kids came home from school. At that moment, I grabbed my phone and pulled up an app that had a breathing exercise for anxiety and did that to calm down before my babies walked in the door.

I realized, after reflection over time, I wasn’t living in a way that was authentic to me.

I was trying to please everyone, trying to hustle to prove my worth


Overworking myself

Doing way too much that didn’t even really matter around the house

I was struggling with re-integration after my husband came home from 13 mo of being away

(There’s an absolute honeymoon phase and then it was like whoa that specific time)


I hated it here.

There wasn’t a lot of sun (after 5 years in AZ, this was a toll on my well being for sure) and it is COLD

The turning point?

I decided I could no longer live this way.

I was f^cking DONE with feeling the way I was feeling and I had to find a different way.

I turned inward.

It’s taken me awhile to learn to shut the world out and listen to my own inner knowing but I got there

I hired a life coach

I went to therapy

I learned the power of journaling to understand my triggers, overwhelm, anxiety.

I also tapped into WHY I was feeling so stressed

I uncovered the bull shit layers of what I thought I needed to be and re-discovered who I actually am underneath it all.

Once I decided to fully dive into Spiritual Life Coaching, I realized about 4 months it was time to finish packaging up what I’ve learned and present it as one to help you.

This is where I completed the creation of my course: Journey To Your Soul

Because I know how it feels to be at the point of wanting to learn how to shift but having no idea to begin.

Journey to Your Soul is self paced.

You will learn how to see what’s coming up for you within the stress, overwhelm, triggers and anxiety.

You will learn how to dive in and see where it’s coming from and how to heal it.

You will learn how to shift.

You will learn how to trust your intuition.

You will learn to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK

I’m in your corner, my love.

I’m cheering you on.

If you’re feeling like this is a yes for you, I would love to hold space in this beautiful container for you.

You can learn more or sign up by clicking here.

Have a great week!

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