When to take a leap of faith Plus 4 tips to release anxiousness or fears

I felt very called to go live and share with you how you can release this. I gave 4 tips to help you. If you missed it, you can catch the replay by clicking the image (it will take you to my IGTV). And of course if you have any questions about how to dive further into these tips then please hit reply or message me on social media and I will guide you ️

The Magic of TRUSTING

Leaning in can be scary AF

Taking a leap of faith can be uncomfortable

But what’s the alternative?

Staying where you are and continuing to feel the way you feel?

Idk about you but I’d rather get uncomfy than live a life of “what if”.

17 months ago I hosted my first group reiki session…

I didn’t doubt my abilities and everything I had learned but I was still scared!

I know that Reiki isn’t super common in the Western Culture

I know that sometimes it can be tough to understand what you can’t see

I feared rejection because I wasn’t sure how I was going to be received by sharing this with you

I did it anyway because I could no longer “stay” where I was anymore.

I could no longer hold what I had to give to the world in anymore…especially with how I know it has helped ME on my healing journey (especially with anxiety and mental clarity. It’s MIND BLOWING)

So when taking a leap of faith ask yourself:

  1. What’s the worst thing that could happen? (And work through this because most of the time they’re fears!)

  2. What’s the BEST thing that could happen? (Allow yourself to think big and visualize it!)

Sometimes you just have to take your ego (who is there only keeping you safe!) along for the ride and show her that you’re safe—then LEAP!

Now, I’ve had hundreds of clients in areas I’m passionate about with group reiki, 1:1 reiki, Oracle card readings as well as now a course AND Spiritual Life Coaching.

—Seriously, follow the inspired action and just go for it

You can click here to be taken to my events to see when my next group reiki session is. It’s a great way to release negative energy, anxiety, feel more joyful, mental clarity and feel SO GOOD! (The benefits are limitless!)

If you're ready to join in, click here. You can view FAQs here, just scroll to the bottom of the page.

Remember, no matter what happens today with the results of the election. Whether your party or chosen vote wins or not. Trust. Trust that everything is going to be ok. Trust that you've done your part and what you could do. It's ok to feel it all, always. Then release what may or may not happen next (you could even work through these fears if you wanted to) and then come back home to yourself.

I'm an email or message away if you need to talk.

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