We are better than this

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

We HAVE to do better . We cannot stand here and do nothing . Inaction is NOT ok . Not using our voices is not ok

We live in 2020.

I can't even put into words or form thoughts as to WHY this is STILL happening. It's not ok.



What can we do about this? I have a few thoughts and idea I want to share with you. >>but please share with me yours by commenting below<<

•We have to have these conversations. The ones that make you feel uncomfortable The ones that expand your perspective We've got to see all sides, understand and stand up for one another

•We have to do the inner work (This one is woo but hang with me) We have to work on our own beliefs around race, around the situation going on right now. We've got to work on WHY we have certain opinions and feelings and heal our beliefs. Treating someone that way is NOT ok and we have to lock together to make change

•We need to have these conversations in our homes

•We HAVE to speak up

•We have to take action

No one deserves to be spoken to or treated less than human because of color.

This is WRONG We KNOW it's not ok.

And we know it's not ok to continue to do nothing -if you have a platform, share your support and your thoughts on your page -if you see something out of line, do something about it

Our friends need our help Our world needs our help

This has to end

And not with fighting fire with fire Fire dies with water Love over hate That passion you feel about this situation to make a change? Thats LOVE IN YOHR HEART.

We end this with ...love over hate & fear ...action over inaction ...healing over sitting in any kind of belief that isn't serving you or the greater good.

We are better than this. . If you're feeling the heaviness and weight from all of this going on the past week, you're not alone. My door is always open and you can reach out any time.

On Tuesday I released a podcast on 6 ways to raise your vibes right now (You can listen to my the 1st three episodes on Spotify, iTunes and anywhere you listen to podcasts: Rise Within Conversations).

In the meantime, feel through it all and also, I truly encourage you to educate yourself and ask yourself how you can be the change.

We can link arms and allow our voices to be heard together.

You can listen to the episode on my website by clicking here, click here for iTunes or simply hit play and listen below.

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