This simple thing makes you SO brave!!!

I'm sure you've heard this quote before. It's been on my heart and as I was sitting here thinking about it, more came through for you.

Growth happens outside of your comfort zone.

So does expansion.

So does healing.

It's SO uncomfortable at times to ask yourself the hard questions.

It's tough to do the inner work, to unveil what's hidden or what has been pushed aside for so long.

To face it and take small steps.

It's also REALLY freakin' brave.

By doing this, you're enabling yourself to grow, FEEL BETTER.

To decide you no longer want to feel like you are so you're ready to get uncomfy and make a change.

To walk into you're healing KNOWING it may get emotional, shed light on the things you thought you buried and face it.

This also comes with that knowing:

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

If we continue to see triggers that come up and do nothing about it, we will always experience those SAME things.

If we continue to shove down the anxiety, emotions and energy that is no longer serving will continue to show up!

It's those cycles.

It's our body (and our soul!) trying to tell us something is off and there's an opportunity to look at it. To heal it.

Doesn't mean you have to look at it all...even just one thing at a time.

One healing step at a time.

Could you just imagine how much better it can feel...YOU can feel...if you chose to see what was coming up instead of sweeping it under the rug again?

If you're wanting to dive deeper into your healing, this is for you. You can learn more on my website by clicking here. ​

It's not always easy to work through but I promise you, the other side...WOW. There's truly no words.

You'll know when you're ready to take those steps.

And when you are, I'm here for you.

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