The ROOT is where the magic is

The root of a tree is so magical. It's just so incredible to me to look at the years of winding and twisting down into the earth. Simultaneously the tree grows and over time, with the strength its gained, it can withstand some incredible force of nature.

I think we can learn so much from nature. This is something I am just in AWE of as I hike, looking up at the trees seeing how TALL they are, blowing in the wind, yet remaining grounded. So so cool.

What I want to dive further into with you here though is the roots of weeds that grow in the flower beds, or really anywhere around your house. lol!

When you pull the weed from the top, it continues to grow.

When you grab the weed close to the ground and pull out its roots, it won't grow back.

This vision has shown up time and time again in the past few months.

We cannot keep giving issues a surface level response.

It's not working. It doesn't serve us.

Of course not EVERY issue we have needs to be immediately dove into because damn TAHT would be exhausting

But in order to truly move forward where it's not going to affect you or manifest in differently way, you must get to the ROOT of the issue.

Are you being triggered by something?

Great! (lol I know that sounds weird but hang with me)

WHY are you being triggered?

What are you actually mad/upset/pissed about? When has this happened in your life before?

What does that version of you need to know?

What's your TRUTH?

Are you in a cycle? Meaning something that continues to happen every so often (many times like clock work but that's not ALWAYS the case)

Why does this keep happening?

Where is this coming from?

What is this cycle trying to show you?

Experiencing something that's not sitting well with you?

You guessed it, get curious and ask yourself: WHY is this not sitting well with me?

Be the gentle observer about those emotions surfacing.

Get curious.

Ask yourself questions.

SEE where this is TRULY coming from.


THAT is where you learn what the root is.

THAT is where you begin asking yourself questions to heal.

Using the weed whacker for a quick fix will no longer be of service.

It's time to get into the dirt and do the work.

I promise you that yes, it's uncomfortable getting on your hands and knees and doing that dirty work. It may even require support from a loved one or on a bigger scale (I've been there with therapy and life coaches myself!) But the other side? It's truly like a breath of fresh air.

If you want to learn how to begin to journal through these, grab my free Journaling Guide to learn how to journal to heal by clicking here.

If you're ready to dive in with support and guidance, my Spiritual Life Coaching program starts on January 4th. ​With my help, you are going to be able to release triggers, anxiety, stress and step back into the light of WHO YOU ARE.

You’re going to learn how to prevent all those low vibration feelings you’re experiencing so you can just feel LIGHTER {calmer, inner peace, mental clarity} and SO friggin' good!

​I’m going to help you do this through assisting you in stepping into your awareness, healing and guiding you in shifting your perspective.

If you're feeling like your time is now and you're ready for support, let's chat! You can contact me here or head to my Spiritual Life Coaching page to learn more.

If you're feeling like nope--no problem! Take the journaling prompts from this email and from my journaling guide and see how that helps you as well! And don't forget about my podcast, Rise Within Conversations where I have tons of tips and ideas to guide you through, well...LIFE! Including today's podcast episode that went live about how to set new year intentions.

I trust in the timing for you!

I hope you have a fantastic day!

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