The journey to your soul begins by taking the first step.

Healing begins with awareness

You're beginning to understand that how you're feeling isn't serving you. The triggers, overwhelm and stress you're experiencing is a lot. You have limiting beliefs that stop you in your tracks.


Your spiritual awakening has been one rollercoaster after another and you just know there's another way. There HAS to be a different way. An EASIER way.

A journey into your soul with guidance and permission to be ok with not feeling ok as well as knowing how to work through the shit that keeps surfacing.


Journey To Your Soul

Empowering You to open the channel to your soul to learn to heal, overcome and RISE.

This course has been loved on and in creation since 2017 when my husband was in Korea for a year. What I didn't know was that I needed to go through my awakening and experiences to be able to birth this beautiful course to you.

It's designed to build on one video to the next and all self paced.

It's high vibe.

It's real, raw, authentic.

If you let it (and do the inner work!) it's going to change your life.

This beautiful healing course is designed to go through from beginning to end as it builds on one another intentionally. Do it once through and allow your intuition to guide you to where you need more time.

The course includes:

The Power Of Journaling

Journaling is incredibly healing but when you're left unsure of how to journal to heal and also meeting resistance in journaling, it can feel tough to do.

What journaling is, simple steps to begin, common fears plus my journal to heal method.

Triggers, anxiety & overwhelm

These 3 things are trying to tell you something. You KNOW that you're feeling them but instead of honoring it and acknowledging it, you're sweeping them under the rug.

How to begin seeing these things within yourself and take steps to honor you in the most loving way.

What is the past telling you about today?

Certain types of situations continue to happen to you? Triggered by different situations often? Things manifest themselves over and over again until we pull back the covers to look at it.

This is the key to how your past is coming up in your current now and what you can do to take steps to heal.​

Overcoming, Seeing & Shifting

You’re on a very brave and beautiful healing journey. You do not have to continue to feel low vibration even when things are tough. Yes you have permission to sit in the mud. You also have permission to feel good NOW.

You're going to learn how to shift and how to feel even just a little better at any given moment.

Asking for Signs: Clarity

Do you know how to listen to your intuition or how strengthen it? Asking for signs from your higher power and what to look for (and do) when they come through? Trusting your intuition is important.

HOW to ask for signs and how to get mental clarity on situations you’re needing it on.

Taking back your power

You’re shifting and healing. You're understanding that you no longer have to be available to feeling like shit even on your journey. It’s ok to still have life situations come up, it's ok to sit in the mud sometimes and it’s completely normal as you peel back layers.

I’m going to teach you the power in taking that power back and HOW.

You also get bonuses:

  1. The Importance of Self Care video

  2. pdf resources with journaling prompts and homework assignments

  3. Two guided meditations that are quantum reiki infused

  4. Audio files for each so you can listen on the go

Use the code: journey111 anytime between now and March 16th to receive $100 off

If you choose to pay in full, you will receive a bonus of free entrance to my next group reiki healing session which will be in April. (payment plans are also available)

Trust your intuition. If it feels like a yes, lean in.

If you have any questions, I'm here. Contact me here or message me on social media. I'm happy to help!

Click here to get all the information about Journey To Your Soul.

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