The Evolution of Hair...and soul

🎶You like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it 🎶


Did you sing it with me?!😂😘

…I’m not normally a pop music girl but I REALLY love the vibes of that song.✨🙌


I spent yesterday afternoon with my hair stylist (helloooo…she’s amazing at what she does!) and it’s AMAZING to see how FAR she’s helped me go with my hair (swipe on my IG post to see)

From dark brown to purple to purple with pink to red and back to natural. …I loveeeee the fun colors & the ability to change my hair

As I look back at these pix: purple is hands down my FAV. I'd love to go back to that color but unfortunately my hair doesn't hold fashion colors well and it's a mess to maintain 😂


Here’s what I started thinking though as I reflected scrolling through the changes of my hair (funny how something so simple can trigger feelings and memories, right?!) … it can be SO easy to allow our external circumstances reflect our inner self.

But…what if we took a few minutes a day to go within?

To slow our inner world To sit in gratitude To calm the chaos To find our breath To find our ZEN

>>this has been a GAME changer in the growth in my pictures

I have gone from looking at everything happening TO me to understanding that even though situations are HARD sometimes, situations are happening FOR me. (Of course I don't have an explanation for everything and I understand that some people have bee through worse situations. And for that I send you so much love)

Instead of stepping fully away from the situation in the woe is me feeling for longer than I care to admit...I feel it ALL in a healthy way. More as an observer instead of a victim in my moment. I allow myself to sit in the mud (so to speak ;) ) Then I go within

Because when I quiet the noise around me, I can clearly hear my guidance and FEEL the peace entering my body.

How DIFFERENT would your world be if you spent those few minutes a day doing THAT?! How would it affect your EXTERNAL world if you came back to YOU?

THIS is why I created And She Rises Meditation Series

I KNOW what it feels like to have both internal and external worlds fall apart.

And I know what it feels like to have my external world crash and come back to the stillness, awareness and knowingness from within.

A true understanding that everything IS going to be ok.

It’s beautiful. …powerful


I will help you get there. In this meditation series, I help you go inward, take a break from your beautiful chaos and start on a path to feeling ZEN AF.

Even my BOYS (who are 11 & 7!!) love these meditations I've created. It's adorable to watch them center and find THEIR inner peace even at such a young age.

Click here to get your meditation series if this is calling to you:

As always, I'm an email away if you have any questions and happy to help you elevate into the best version of you however I can.

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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