Self Love Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

As a woman and a busy mama, I totally understand how EASY it is to put ourselves on the back burner....right?!

We go here, go there, run errands, make sure the house is in order, make sure the perfect gifts are bought for our families. Here's my little minions ❤️

Family night of bowling!

But what about US?!

Maybe you feel like there’s not enough money (let’s work on flipping that switch sister!) to spend on you. Maybe you feel guilty for spending or doing something nice for you.


That used to be me. I had to dig deep and understand I am worthy of giving to myself or asking for something.

( isn’t my love language, I still like to splurge now and then on something to better myself.)

Here’s what I know...investing in YOU is hands down the MOST important thing that you can do for yourself. We weren’t put here to not expand and grow.

In addition to that...when we invest in ourselves...we become a better version of US. It spills over into our marriage, our parenting, friendships. When you have the energy and love from within, you can’t help but to spill it out into the world around you.

Pretty rad, right?! let’s get to it. I put together my Top 5 Self Love Holiday Gift Guide for YOU. These are things that I love myself, have done, utilized and feel SO GOOD about!

1. 5 Minute Gratitude Journal

There’s power in daily gratitude. And I understand that getting into a habit of journaling as well as being in a constant state of gratitude can be a challenge when you’re busy! That’s why I LOVEEEEE the 5 Minute Gratitude Journal. In just 5 min (with your cup of coffee!) you can jot down what you’re grateful for, what would make this day amazing and positive affirmations. There’s SO MUCH POWER in the simple little habits that create our daily life. See the 5 minute gratitude journal I use here

2. Energize (if you watch my Insta stories this is aka #momcrack)

Click HERE to see what it looks like

Omg this stuff is AMAZING! I literally drink it before every single workout and have for over 2 years! Literally it’s like a get up and go (and hey...pretty effective if you just wanna clean your house or have a pick me up in the afternoon too! Lol!) There are no artificial ingredients, no fillers. It's a focused energy to help you push harder and go further in your workout. No jitters. No crash.

3. Audible (1st month is FREE!)

I LOVE to read but some days I’m just too busy to get some reading in, ya know?? I LOVE audible because I can listen to an audio book while I’m cooking, in the shower and/or getting ready for my day, doing chores, in the car...whenever. It makes it so nice and super convenient! And--the first month is FREE so why not give it a whirl, right?! Check it out here

4. Reiki healing session

If you have ever thought of doing an energy healing session, I say---there’s a reason the thought came into your mind! For months on end I kept thinking I should do a reiki healing session and then I was hearing everywhere. Then all of a sudden I was seeing it online.

Next thing I know, my beautiful friend from Arizona, Megan, mentioned to me she just started doing Reiki healing. My family was able to schedule a distance healing session with her (we’re in South Dakota and she’s in Arizona!) and WOW! I literally have never felt so in balanced, aligned and have such low anxiety as I do since having the healing session done with her on November 8th.

Taking care of ourselves from within is such a beautiful gift we can give to ourselves. You can follow Megan on Instagram: @angelsandreiki or facebook:

Be sure to check out her website linked on her social media that will go into details about her services and reach out to her if you have any questions. She’s patience, loving and so helpful. I know you’ll have a great experience with her!

5. Mind & Body candle set and/or incense!

Omg I LOVE these candles so much! I love to light one and soak in the tub with the lights off and just zen out. OR I use them when I’m meditating. They smell SO amazing and are made from soy and essential oils instead of nasty chemicals. Click HERE to check them out!

And if you’re thinking incense (also AMAZING for baths/meditating/whenever!) My FAV is palo santo and of course a fun incense holder like this one!

Aren’t those super fun?! And just make you FEEL amazing just checking them out, reading about them and doing something for YOU?!

Girl, you are so worthy of creating that self love time for you. Do yourself a favor and show your loved one these and ask for that gift or just go do something for you. You do so much for everyone else, you are so worthy of doing for you too!

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