​Self care is NOT a luxury

It's a necessity.

I know you're busy I know you work or have kids or tend to a significant other.

I know things have been bat shit crazy this yearI know you have things to do.

Hear me loud and clear when I say:


When you give to YOU then you have more you can give to others.

I struggled with this leading up to my 2nd son and shortly after he was born, I couldn't take it anymore. I was exhausted, depressed, anxious and overwhelmed. ​

Yes my husband would push me out the door to go get my nails done or hike or spend time alone. But eventually I figured it out.

​ Yes leaving the house is awesome.

Yes getting a mani/pedi, hair done and massages are amazing.

So is a bath.

So is sleeping in

So is a nap

So is a walk around the block

So is reading for 10 minutes

So is journaling & meditating

So is exercise

Self care doesn't have to cost a damn thing

But it DOES cost you if you don't do it.

So, pencil time for you in.

Ask for help where needed.

If you have kids, take 10-30 minutes when they go to bed to do something electronic free for you.

I promise, the time you give to you will be felt in those around you

Remember... You are SO WORTHY of the love, care, patience and time you give to others.

I promise you--the self care you give to YOU, in whatever way that looks like to you, will be felt by those around you.

Sending you so much love!

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