Raising Vibes Can Come With a Good Cry

I wanna vibe with you about being the energy you want to attract can also mean that you need a good cry first. And THAT'S OK!

Let's start with the good cry first.

Society has taught us that crying is a weakness

Many times even as children we were told to stop crying.

Or maybe even made fun of for crying *raises hand*

We learn to suppress it when what we REALLY need to do is let it out.

Think about babies and toddlers. Heck, even my 8 year old son has no issues bursting into tears if something hurts his feelings or he needs to express something. Without any shame at all!

Crying is HEALING.

For me, I had suppressed it for so long that I had to re-learn that it was ok to cry. I started by locking myself in the bathroom to cry. Even a damn good cry in the shower feels SO good. It took time and patience and love to understand that it's safe for me to cry. It doesn't mean I'm weak, I won't be made fun of for it, I won't be put down about it. I was super intentional about diving into my past and understanding why I wasn't allowing myself to have a good cry and just let it out and man it feels better on the other side to just trust my body to do what it needs to do. Ya know?

Now, if something hurts or I feel like I need to cry, I just do it.

Yesterday I had a full blown ugly cry for about a half an hour. I had taken on a lot of energy of other people without properly releasing it, I could feel a lot of heavy energy of collective and one of my boys and several other things that stacked up and it all just fell over.

I heard "put on waterproof mascara" when I was putting my make up on and didn't listen to that guidance. Not even 5 minutes after putting it on, it was down my face and on my light pink sweater.

You know what the tipping point for me was?

One of my dogs shit on the floor.

Yeah. I know 😂

Sounds so damn dramatic (welcome to my life as a cancer moon😂). I wasn't mad at the dogs at all just the situation. So instead of pushing through everything I felt I "needed" to do, I said screw it.

I cried for at least 30 minutes.

I meditated for 10-ish minutes and smudged myself

I listened to binaural beats with selenite laying on me

I made a really funny reel on Instagram which actually depicted how I was feeling in that moment for the most part 😂 (you can click the image below to watch it on my IGTV

I didn't even get some of the things I intended to do for myself yesterday until later in the evening because my priority (aside from being mama and taking my kiddos to the appointments and errands we had going on) was taking care of MYSELF and my well being. Alignment before action.

Now let's move to: Be the energy you want to attract! . Today, I woke up in a DAMN GOOD MOOD. Between the 3 attitudes in the house, by 11am I was feeling bogged down.

Sometimes it happens when other people are around you and not in a great mood or attitudes are flaring, that it begins to affect YOUR mood. It's not good or bad, just information. It's not an opportunity to be like "woe is me" and feed into the low energy. You CAN be the observer as to what just happened and then choose differently. Here's what I did: Showered >>rinsing it all away (except the hair, not a hair washing day 🤣💁‍♀️) Put some fun high vibe music on >>Movement moves the energy OUT (Here's my Empowered Women Rising Spotify playlist) You do NOT have to continue to allow the energy around you (or your own thoughts) to control you to the point of feeling like shit. >>Dance, exercise, go for a walk. Do SOMETHING to shift that energy and feel good now! I raised my OWN VIBES👑🔥💃🦄 And, friend, YOU CAN TOO!

Ok so ignore the facial expression below. Although, I will say, that still frame is a LOT better than what Facebook chooses 98% of the time so I'll take this as a win!

You can click on that image below to chant it with me!

Before we go! Today is the New Moon!! YAY!

I JUST realized last night that the New Moon in Aquarius (2/11) is also the same day as the group reiki healing session tonight!😍🎊🙌🦄

This is going to be MAGIC!

Aquarians tend to be forward thinking, moving forward. Evolution and "let's make the world better" thinking. Combine that with the new moon which is the energy of manifesting what you desire into your life.

That combo alone is amazing!

Now...add in quantum reiki?!

Not only are we going to be calming what's coming up during this time for you (hello Mercury Retrograde bringing up the THINGS!!!!)

...easing anxiety, stress, overwhelm. I just heard throat chakra for communication so that will be in there. Clearing out low frequencies, negativity and shit weighing you down.We will also be using a healing frequency to help you manifest your desires (one I use during my own meditations for manifesting! It's AH.MA.ZINNNNGGG)🔥

Wanna join us? Click here for info and to reserve your spot.

Have an AMAZING day!

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