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Put Some Gangsta Rap On

Have you ever heard the quote:

Omg I used to LIVE by that saying!!!  More caffeine, more shouting affirmations, more "bandaid fixes" on things that were going on inside that actually needed to be HEALED.  

Let me preface by saying--I DO believe in getting things done and I FULLY believe in the power of some good JAMS to get your soul pumped up while raising your vibes.  

What if I don’t WANT to just handle it?  

To caffeinate myself and do the damn thing?!

What if living that way feels forced and rushed and fucking FRANTIC?!

What if pounding the pavement ever day isn’t how we’re supposed to live our lives?

I believe that’s the case.  

I do believe in seasons and of COURSE there’s seasons of working more than normal. But that shouldn’t BE the norm.  

I believe in flow.  

I’ve reached burnout more than once and I’ve lived in an up and down cycle.

Until I just let it go.

The money is EXCITING and FUN but the work didn’t feel fun. It felt forced.  I was getting less sleep.  I was short with my family.  I was literally crying and overwhelmed like ALL.THE.TIME.


There’s a better way

You can stay in flow and listen to what YOU need while STILL getting results, making money and having FUN!!! We can CHOOSE for this life of ours to be easy.  (Not saying it always FEELS easy but we can decide to just let go what's no longer serving us and just BE.  This IS our life to make those choices in, right?! 😉)  

And if that feels hard then ask yourself this…

--Why does working in flow and taking intuitive/inspired action feel hard?--

Write it out!

You have permission to re-define your definition of success...or at least evaluate it and see if that definition serves you.  

Trust me...just because I have my human moments of panic, frantic meltdowns doesn’t mean I haven’t stepped more into flow.  

What do I need? What feels good today to move my business forward? What can I do today to serve the highest and best good? 

Checklists are overrated.

Set your INTENTIONS Trust and believe Release the outcome Take inspired ACTION Watch the magic unfold.  

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