Overdoing it? Here's your loving reminder to slow down.

It's safe for me to relax.

It's safe for me to be supported.

I do not have to perform to receive.

I do not have to do anything to prove my worth.

^^read it again^^

Which one hit closest to home for you?

Recently if I'm being totally honest, I have felt like my allergies are kicking my booty and I just feel disconnected from my body.

In addition to that, Collin (8) was home from school Monday as well.

It has taken me a hot minute (around 2 years) to feel comfortable with truly doing not a damn thing I didn't feel like.

I did have things I wanted and a few things I *needed* to get done but I did the bare minimum.

...in fact I asked my husband for extra help after he worked all day too without feeling guilty about it because I knew I just couldn't.

And that's ok.

Because I cannot give my best if I'm not feeling my best.

The way that I get back to feeling my best?


Friend, let this be your reminder.

If you're feeling off

If you're feeling not 100%

If your body is asking you to slow down.


Only good can come from it.

I created a pretty affirmation image below for you so you can save it to your phone. You could even make it your home screen background or wherever to help you remember your truths if they resonate with you!

Also--I'm SO excited to share with you that Journey to Your Soul course is now open.

This incredible course baby I have "birthed" is going to Empower You to open the channel to your soul to learn to heal, overcome and RISE.

This is a journey into your soul with guidance and permission to be ok with not feeling ok as well as knowing how to work through the shit that keeps surfacing.

Pre-sale will be available for a limited time and the course enrollment will only be open for a limited time as well. (And yes, you know I love a good payment plan ;) I have pay in full, bi-weekly or monthly payment plan options for you)

Click here to learn more.

The journey to your soul begins by taking the first step.

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