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Updated: Jan 7, 2020

What are you setting intentions for in 2019?

2018 has been a year of growth and something tells me it has been for your too.

I literally felt on top of the WORLD last January. It felt like everything was going my way and things I had wanted for so long were finally falling into place. The universe has a funny way of showing us where we have room for growth because I completely face planted in the spring, ironically most of it had to do with what I felt was going right just a few months prior.

I became desperate for answers to make things better and in search for that, I found that I needed to go within. That no THING could make me better, I had to do the internally work. It was time to stop putting a bandaid over the shit and actually HEAL the wounds.

In this journey going within, I found my spirituality. I reclaimed my love for journaling and writing. I got out into nature more. I started releasing things and people that was no longer meant to be in my life. I dropped the fuckin’ hustle, the “shoulds” and the expectations I was placing on myself and what I believed that others were placing on myself and learned to BE more.

I have found that there’s so much beauty in the lessons we’re given even if it sucks at the time; and most of the time that growth doesn’t feel great, ya know?!

I’ve learned so much and for that, I’m grateful.

I know 2019 will be a growth year too. I can’t fully explain WHY yet but I know these 2 things to be true:

1. I have the tools, people and magic from within to grow.

2. I am strong enough for this life I chose.

Spoiler alert: You are strong enough too.

None of the garbage from 2018 is worthy of being brought with us into 2019. I’m choosing to leave behind:





Normally I set HUGE goals for the new year with intentions of stretching myself, growing and changing. If I’m totally honest though, those goals have always made me feel stressed, frantic, anxious. None of which I want to feel.

💥2019 I’m choosing radically different.💥

I’m calling in ONLY high vibes. 💫 My only goal for 2019 is to FEEL fucking GOOD and I know without a shadow of a doubt that everything I need and desire will come but I have to be in alignment FIRST. I KNOW that when I feel good and that when I’m in alignment, it literally pours into everything I do.

So how did I decide this is exactly what I want for 2019? I journaled. I sat down and reflected on what served me and what didn’t and then I decided to simplify it. YES I have goals outside of feeling GOOD and being in alignment but I KNOW that they will come when I take care of me first.

So do this, grab a journal or a notebook, write out these questions and answer them to go into 2019:

What gave me energy this year?

What depleted my energy this year?

What’s one thing I’m most proud of this year?

What’s one lesson I’ve learned this year?

What am I ready to let go of before the New Year?

I know you’re looking for answers like I am. Let’s rise together.

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