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Last week I had an awesome conversation with a friend who was watching my stories about Woo Woo 101 and manifesting and she asked me this: Does manifesting work with conceiving a baby?

My short answer? YES. Manifesting can literally work with ANYTHING in your life.

Before I dive in, let me preface and say yes, there are sometimes medical reasons why a woman cannot get pregnant or is having a hard time conceiving

—this is in no way to diminish the realness of what it is to go through that.

Also, we are human beings having a human experience.

This means that this comes with the emotional aspect.

Feel through what you’re going through!

My husband and I actually had a tough time getting pregnant with my youngest. We lost a baby and then it took us TWO YEARS to conceive Collin. We had been starting the process of diving further into what was going on, getting referrals for specialists and then a few months later-BOOM. Pregnant. I also have dear friends who have gone through infertility, troubles getting pregnant, etc.

I know this subject can be tough. Since it came up with a friend, I wanted to share with you part of our conversation and the steps on how you can manifest.

Manifesting works with ANYTHING.

YES it works with money

YES it works with love and a partner

YES it works with physical material items (currently manifesting a red jeep )

When I received the question above, I realized I'm not sure that I've ever laid out the steps on HOW to do so!

Here's the simple steps on HOW you can manifest.

Again, this works with ANYTHING.

Grab your journal and write out ALL the feels.

I want you to get everything you’re feeling out of your head and onto paper.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Then I want you to ask yourself.

What do I want?

Why do I want it?

What would it FEEL LIKE to have it?

What would the me that has it act like?

What steps do I need to take to receive it?

So, when it comes to conceiving, I don’t need to tell you what action you need to do to receive a baby

But the MIND is also SO POWERFUL.

Shift into the mindset of your baby is here, you’ve conceived. What you feel like knowing your baby is on the way.



What does it feel like now that (insert the thing you want) has already arrived?


Notice the thoughts you’re having during the day, pay attention.

The self sabotaging ones?

Write them down (you can work through them too via journaling) and release them

Step back into the knowingness of it’s already yours, it’s already done and hold that feeling ️

I do teach manifesting in my digital course Woo Woo 101.

I go into how to manifest, steps to take to do so and I riff on manifesting money.

You see in action what it’s like, FEEL the energy through the video AND the energy is elevated so much that my bpm actually went UP significantly.

Energy is POWERFUL.

And like I said, replace baby with literally anything you desire! It's not selfish to desire or want something. Trust that it was placed in your heart for a reason! Currently, I'm aligning myself to a beautiful jeep rubicon and I KNOW I'm getting closer!!!

Biggest thing? Have FUN with this! Relax, make it playful! We overthink and take things way too seriously. Hold the feeling of it being yours (if you can 90 seconds DAILY, that's AMAZING) and TRUST that's already done. Everything is aligning. Chances are the manifestation won't work IMMEDIATELY-it CAN but typically things need to shift in place first-so that's where the faith comes in. Believing that it's coming to you even if it doesn't seem that way. Trust that God/Source/Universe has your back and is helping you align yourself with what you desire and then take action when ideas pop in your mind!

Make sense? Hit reply if you have any questions!

I'm happy to help however I can!

My group reiki session is this week (if you're reading this in future date then be sure to check out Events section on my website to see what the upcoming dates are or consider a 1:1).

Quantum Reiki is an incredible way to clear your channels, release low frequencies that are not serving you and things that are weighing you down. Not only do you FEEL better and align yourself for healing but it also helps to bring more of what you DO want into your life (*ahem* manifesting ;) ).

To read more about it or reserve your spot, click here. I also have an awesome FAQ you can access by clicking here (just scroll to the bottom of the page).

Have a great rest of your week! Happy Manifesting!

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