I thought I was having a heart attack...

I crippled underneath anxiety and though it was one of the HARDEST times in my life...it was also the most life changing. Because in my biggest back to back to back anxiety attack I realized I just couldn't live that way anymore.

Something had to change.

I've lived with anxiety and depression and large part of my adult life and truly thought that's just how it was going to be forever.

But in 2016-2017 when my husband served a year tour in Korea, I felt like I could barely breathe.

Every single day felt, I felt like a giant ball of stress with ongoing heart palpitations and everything felt like it was SO much extra work. But when I was in the process of selling our Arizona house solo, THAT is when it hit me the most.

I remember standing in the kitchen trying to wrap my head around everything I had to do, help I had but was too afraid to ask for and the time between myself and when my husband was coming home still.

​ ​And that's when they happened.

​ I had 3 anxiety attacks in less than 24 hours.

During one, I called my husband to help me breathe because I felt like I couldn't do it alone. For the next week, my chest hurt so bad from the pain of the anxiety attacks.

​ ​I knew then I had to make a consistent change.

Yes I was healthy, yes I constantly worked on my mindset but it became very apparent to me I had to find calm in the chaos.

​ That was the year I started meditating on a regular basis again. It helped me find my breath, calm the anxiety and stirring thoughts and recenter in my body.


After moving to South Dakota that same year (and more changes that felt like a lot to overcome), I continued to find inner peace through different modalities including healing. That's when I fully stepped into my Spiritual journey and began healing on a whole different level.

Anxiety, stress and overwhelm...all the chaos of life FINALLY no longer controls me. I never even knew that was possible. I thought I had to just live that way. Through healing and different modalities to calm the chaos, I learned I didn't have to live that way.

Neither do you.

This is WHY I stepped fully onto my path as a certified Spiritual Life Coach, quantum healer and more. Because it impacted and changed my life so deeply in ways even this chatty Gemini can't even put into words that I knew I couldn't hold onto it myself.

​ ​Now, it's my mission to help others find calm in their storm.

To elevate their lives to higher levels and empower them to live their best lives, unapologetically.

​ ​Helping women like you by shedding the layers and the shadows to expose light on who you’ve always been buried underneath the anxiety, stress, overwhelm and chaos of life.

​ I’ve done this by…

...shedding my own layers, learning to heal my OWN life stuff (anxiety, stress, overwhelming and depression included!) ​

…releasing a meditation series to help you go inward, take a break from your beautiful chaos and start on a path to feeling ZEN AF (5 meditations including anxiety release, self love & more) ​

…1:1 and group Quantum Reiki Healing sessions (this has been a HUGE tool in my own tool box to help shed layers) ​

And now (or maybe finally? lol! Y’all have been asking me to do this for YEARS aside from the coaching I was already doing):

Spiritual Life Coaching ​

Next coaching starts the first full week of April.

With my help, you are going to be able to release anxiety, stress and step back into the light of WHO YOU ARE. You’re going to learn how to release all those low vibration feelings you’re experiencing so you can just feel LIGHTER {calmer, inner peace, mental clarity} and SO f*cking good! ​

I’m going to help you do this through assisting you in stepping into your awareness, healing and guiding you in shifting your perspective.

These sessions will be a beautiful soul-led intuitive mentorship, channeled guidance, and coaching support. We will focus on whatever your soul needs in our time together. ​

I also include

  • quantum reiki healing sessions for you

  • voxer access-like having me on speed dial

  • my meditation series in addition to the coaching you receive ️

  • I've added extended payment plans AND

  • my October 1:1 Spiritual Life Coaching clients get my upcoming course Woo Woo 101 for FREE ​

Listen to your heart — it will never led you astray.

I don’t want to talk you into anything. This is an investment. I know it is an investment that can take you to the next level, help you release all the fear, anxiety stress and overwhelm and help you shed the layers into who you've always been underneath it all--and feel SO good.

But it doesn’t matter what I know. ​ It only matters what you know. ​ Take a minute to get still. Sit up straight, close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply. ​ Ask yourself, “… is this right for me…?” ​ Ask whatever you believe in (God/Source/Universe...), “… would you have me do this?” ​ Take a minute to feel what it would feel like to have the support you desire…to have the money you desire… to have the life you desire. See yourself waking up each day to a life you love. Imagine waking up to a life filled with inner peace, alignment and JOY. Imagine what it would feel like to have the life you so desire. ​ Feel all those feelings now. Take whatever guidance you have received. ​ Know the answer is coming to you. Whatever signs or symbols or information you need to make a decision will show up. You can trust that. You can trust the guidance you receive. ​ You don’t have to figure it out on your own anymore. ​ It’s normal to feel afraid. Feel afraid. And take the next step anyway. ​

If you’re ready or would like the details, hit reply. It would be my honor to help guide, support and hold space for you as you heal.

I'm here for you.

Have a fantastic weekend.

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