I love that you're a hot mess

“I love that you’re a hot mess” . Probably one of my FAV comments that I have received from my 1:1 Spiritual Life Coaching Clients. I know that this may seem like an “insult” or a “bad thing” to some but to me? 100% it’s a compliment. They say they LOVE that sometimes I’m interrupted by my boys on a call Or that my husband may walk in when he is home Or that my dogs bark or need to be let outside Or that I sometimes show up in workout clothes and no makeup instead of all dolled up 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️ (Not in a face mask though, pretty sure I couldn't last an hour with that thing on my face haha!) None of this happens often but when it does, it’s enjoyed. NONE of this affects the way that I coach my clients. (In fact, one of my clients and I laughed about the fact that we were 100% showing up in sweats, hoodies, hair up, no make up cuz COMFY is the vibe for a later in the day call.) I’m a REAL human being. I am a mom, wife, fur mom, and know I am a damn good coach and healer. I honor and admire the women that can be a coach and have it “all together” (whatever that means) They dress professionally and are SUPER organized. That’s not me. I used to want to change the hot mess-ness but truth is? It works for me. This is who I am. I love fully I give fully I express fully I hold space like a boss I do EVERYTHING in my power to help you feel comfy on the calls, through chat and in every way I can through your time with me. (I do that anyway when we message or email, I'm sure you know what I mean!) And I 100% honor what I’ve become. I also know that I’m not for everyone And that’s ok too But if you ARE looking for a coach or healer who is also a HUMAN BEING, I’m in your corner babe If you’re a hot mess too, you just know. 🤷🏻‍♀️ The hot mess in me honors the hot mess in you

Next Spiritual Life Coaching program starts soon! If you're ready to work through stressors, triggers, anxiety, overwhelm... If you're ready to improve your relationships with others (and YOURSELF!) If you're ready to heal. I got you. I have 3 spots open. Two or 4 month package opens (with extended payment plans available, we will make it work, no worries!) Contact me here and we can chat about the details, or click here to read about it. Whatever you decide, know that I'm here for you! I'm in your corner and holding space for you in all the ways!

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