I Don't Believe In Dieting

It just felt RIGHT to share this today...because well...alllllll the Thanksgiving food in just a FEW DAYS! Anyone else ready to indulge like I will?! 👋 Girl you are so not alone😂

But before you feel guilty...I wanna stop you in your TRACKS. F

or real. It's ONE DAY of freakin YUMMY food. Right?! No need to panic and feel like you need to "run it off" or "sweat it off" or start a new diet. Or WHATEVER.

That's some bull shit story that society has told us that we need to do. 🙅🏻‍♀️

After being on my journey for 4 years consistently this month...I can tell you this...

It's the lifestyle...You get up the next day, knowing you enjoyed the yummy foods, give yourself some GRACE and move on with your day.

What will you do TODAY to put you one step closer to your goals?

(Remember that email I sent 2 weeks ago? ONE THING, sister!)

And since I mentioned that there's no need to start a DIET....here's the thing...

I don’t believe in dieting

I get that confused feeling though. There’s SO MANY things out there!

Before I started my journey I was DESPERATE for a change and willing to try just about anything.

And yes, they work.

They shock your body.

Long term though?

I’m not a doctor or a certified nutritionist but I believe you should ask yours before trying a “new diet”. I feel it’s SO important to understand the true facts and the long term aspects on what it could do to your body.

Though I was extremely hesitant to “just eat healthy whole foods”, I knew I had to trust the process because everything else had me hitting a wall over and over and over again.

I trusted the portions

The crazy amounts of FOOD I was supposed to eat along with my fitness regime (and what’s even suggested to those who chose the no workout plan too!) and … in 60 days I went from a size 12 to a 6.

Healthy whole foods have helped me…

📌Lose 40 lbs and tone

📌Get more energy

📌Have clearer skin

📌Understand how my body responds to certain foods

📌Gain control of my food addictions

📌Have less brain fog

I know it’s not as SEXY as what some diets make everything sound like (or their names that they’re called lol) but it’s true.

Eating whole, healthy foods. Enjoying a treat/splurge now and then (I usually have chocolate or wine! er ummm...go balls to the wall on the holiday) and trusting the process over TIME.

That’s it, girl. That’s the secret.

There is no diet that will do what healthy eating does Skip the diet, just eat healthy

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So tell me!!! What's your fav thing your family makes for Thanksgiving?! I'm OBSESSED with green bean casserole. Ermagerd nom nom nom 😋😍🤤

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