How to have a break through in 2021

Here's what I also know to be true.

We cannot simply just "step" into a new week, month, year just expecting things to be different.

I know, tough love. But I PROMISE you it's coming from a space of love.

In order for 2021 to be different, WE need to choose differently.

We need to shift.

We need to expand and grow.

We need to heal ourselves.

Notice I say WE?! I'm here too, having a human experience and also having light shone on things that I need to release too. That just means I'm in the trenches with you

Before I dive in and give you specifics, I want to encourage you to listen to my podcast, Rise Within Conversations. In episode 30, I talk about HOW to set New Year Intentions and choose your word for the year. In episode 27, I talk about how to leave 2020 behind you and make 2021 a better year. I've made those clickable so you can go to my website and listen OR you can tune in on Spotify, itunes or anywhere you listen to podcasts ;)

Ok...back to regular programming

How to have a break through in 2021:

  1. Look at what has come up for you in 2020. Take some time to reflect to see what you're ready to release. I personally feel it helps give us space to receive more when we allow ourselves to heal and release what's no longer serving us. Here's some journaling prompt ideas: What has been triggering you? What is no longer serving you? What are you ready to release? What (or who, including yourself) do you need to forgive?

  2. Set your New Year Intentions / Goals! What do you want to have MORE of in 2021? What do you want your business or job to look like? What do you want your relationships to be like? Parenting? Self Care? Health? Finances? Write down ALL the things you want and desire for 2021. Remember, the ONLY limitation exist in your mind so allow yourself to dream!

  3. Bust through the mean girl in your head that says that you can't have that thing! Ask yourself WHY you feel you can't have the desire that's in your heart and what you want more of in 2021. See where it's coming from and then state the truths and facts around it. Declare that you CAN have it and have FUN doing it! Decide that it gets to be easy and fun!

  4. Allow yourself to heal. Give yourself permission to expand in healing and growth. This means when you're triggered, stressed, worried, overwhelmed, anxious or anything in between, ask yourself WHY! Be the gentle observer about the things that are surfacing for you. Get curious and ask yourself why you're feeling the way you're feeling, where it's come from, when in your life you've felt like that before. Then remind yourself of your truths. This step alone is where I've had the MOST breakthroughs. Allowing myself to tear down the walls I had built up around me and giving myself permission to see what's actually going on.

I can't WAIT to see where 2021 takes you!

PS...if you need more help and are ready to have support and guidance to release anxiety, stress, overwhelm, gain clarity and feel SO good-back to JOY-I got you! My Spiritual Life Coaching Program starts soon. You can click here to learn more or hit reply and I'll send you the details and we can determine if it's a good fit!

Happy New Year!

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