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How I Hit 5 Figure Months in my Healing Biz

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

This is not a bullshit overnight success story.

Before I even dive into the thought vs actually needing, you need to know that it does take time to grow. Consistency. Belief. Strategy (that feels good, no more of that burn out strategy 💩 here!)

But more on that in a sec...

💭I used to DREAM about hitting 5 figure months,

You see, I'm a serial entrepreneur.

💁‍♀️I've been in and out of businesses my entire adult life (including have a marketing degree)

I wanted SO BADLY to create a business that is wildly successful.

🔥Financially, soul filling, aligned🔥

{{I got it ALL}}

👉and it just keeps getting better.

But it didn't start like that👀

When I stumbled and fell face flat into my spiritual awakening (as most of us do 😂), I swung from the wounded masculine hustle all the way to the divine feminine leaning back and just allowing.

🙅‍♀️It didn't work

That's when I realized enough was ENOUGH and something had to give.

🔥I was on a soul mission to impact the collective across the globe and I wasn't going to stop.

🙌It was time to level up.

I was being called to step up.

👉For myself

👉For the collective

👉 a mom, it was important for me to also step into this and show my boys what's possible.

🤔But HOW?!

What I *THOUGHT* I needed vs what I *ACTUALLY* needed to grow to 5 figure months in a healing business

I *THOUGHT* I needed to...

👉give everything away for free because it's a sign of love

👉holding the energy and letting the universe do it all without any actual strategy

👉Certification after Certification after Certification (certificate hoarder!) most of which were cheap

👉play it small with offers

👉just keep posting memes to get engagement and grow my following

I *ACTUALLY* needed to...

🔥Own my power, my gifts, my voice, my abilities and show up with CONFIDENCE

🔥Put forth soul aligned strategy to reach soul aligned clients

🔥Give what feels good to give and charge what feels good to charge

🔥Create high value offers and programs to support my soul mission & soul mate clients

🔥Shift my mindset and expand my capacity to receive to play at bigger levels

Look, healer, it's absolutely NOT WRONG for you to desire more.

To want more income

To want to step into YOUR mission on a bigger scale.


The world NEEDS money into more hands of good hearted people.

Combining soul aligned work that actually SUPPORTS the growth of the world WHILE making money???

🔥There's NO stopping you now!

Are YOU ready to expand your healing business online and step into $5k months Expand your Healing Business to $5k Months using Soul Aligned Strategy, Elevating Your Mindset and Harmonizing Your Energy to Your Soul Mission?

DM me: 'EXPANSION' on Instagram by clicking here!


Sending you BIG flowy vibes!

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