Five Step Process for Vacation Vibes Every Day

Something hit me deeply when I was sitting on the couch at the cabin I rented in Estes Park, CO.

Let me paint the picture.

The fireplace was going, I was chillin' in fleece line leggings, watching my Packers play. The kids were just outside in eye view sledding down the hill laughing (and actually getting along lol!) after a full day of sledding in Rocky Mountain National Park and exploring.

It hit me. I realized not ONCE since I left for CO had I felt stressed, overwhelmed or anxious. Something that I had been feeling a lot in the recent months leading up to my husband heading overseas and while he had been away. I had been managing it through the ways that I teach you via email, live streams, posts, etc. It just felt like it was in overdrive.

Then it hit me and I asked myself:

How can I cultivate the feeling of vacation more in my day to day life?

Notice how on vacation you’re not really stressed or anxious (or less anxious)?

You’re happier, more carefree?

As I was sitting there in the cabin after a day filled with laughing until I was crying, playing and just being in the moment I asked myself those SAME questions.

I even texted my husband.

You see, 2020 wasn’t a horrible year for me or us as a family.

A lot of unknowns for sure. Fears in the beginning, without a doubt.

BUT I noticed anxiety from within was SO much higher and more frequent (even before I knew my husband had to leave).

It took a lot of extra self care to allow myself to NOT feel that way.

And to be honest?

I’m sick of feeling like that.

So how do I create that feeling of vacation daily?

Here’s what came to me:

Be more present.

When we’re on vacation, we are in the moment.

We’re not worried about what needs to be done, what happened, who needs to go where, what needs picked up, etc.

We’re just BEing.

We can bring that into our day to day life by allowing ourselves to be where we are.

Focus on what we’re doing in that given moment.

When thoughts of what needs to be done or worries about the future creep in, write em down, let it go.

You WILL get to it.

Here's another thing you can do when you're feeling like it's all too much or you need to come back to you in 5-4-3-2-1. This simple practice can help you regain control and is super effective.

What 5 things do you see?

Identify 5 things you can see around you.

What 4 things can you hear?

Can you hear kids laughing? Birds chirping? Dogs barking? Cars passing? What else?

What 3 things things can you touch?

The jewelry you're wearing? The clothes on your body? The carpet or floor beneath you?

What 2 things can you smell?

Is there food in the air? A candle? Nature?

What 1 thing can you taste?

The last thing you drank or ate maybe?

I also dive into this in episode 31 Rise Within Conversations Podcast here.

NOTHING is as pressing as we make it seem.

The world is NOT going to implode if we don’t get certain things done.

We can’t control what’s going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month…heck even in the next minute.

So breathe into it and let it go.

It’s not easy, I understand 100%

But it IS simple.

And I promise you that with consistency of bringing yourself back to exactly what you’re doing right now, it WILL get easier.

Leave a comment below and tell me: What ONE word describes the feeling or emotion you have on vacation?

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