Fears, stressors and limiting beliefs instilled. Do you have these too?

"Thank you for being mindful of what my soul is ready for. I feel we are doing some really deep work that is helping me to be more aware of being in the present moment" "All of these paths and steps and opening doors and breakthroughs in just this short amount of time I've been working with you. I love it so much and I'm so appreciative and thankful for you" "Thanks again. You always go above and beyond on the coaching or 911 calls" "This morning my husband asked how my spiritual coach stuff is going and I told him really good! He says 'I noticed you've been much more easy going and relaxed recently and noticed you're being really affectionate toward me which I really appreciate" All from things my 1:1 spiritual life coaching clients have told me Each woman I've worked with (or am currently) has different needs. Different things to work through. Fears, stressors, beliefs instilled in them that they realized is simply not serving them. Though they all may be different, I feel I can say collectively, one thing is the same: They want to feel better. Something has to give and it was time to make a change. They've received the nudged to make a shift and took a leap of faith. (OK that was 3 things but whatever. 🤣) Here's what I know. If nothing changes, nothing changes. We have a choice to allow things to continue to stay the same. OR We can choose to do something about what's not serving ourselves. Thats where I come in. In my spiritual life coaching program, it's 100% tailored to you. Your needs. What you need to work through At a pace that you can handle (because let's be honest, I want to help you but I don't want to overwhelm you further!) As a natural caregiver, you give so much of yourself that it’s hard to find time for you. This can cause anxiety, overwhelm, resentment, depression. All things you don’t WANT to feel but secretly, you do. I want to help you change that. With my help, you are going to be able to release anxiety, stress and step back into the light of WHO YOU ARE. You’re going to learn how to prevent all those low vibration feelings you’re experiencing so you can just feel LIGHTER {calmer, inner peace, mental clarity} and SO f^cking good! I’m going to help you do this through assisting you in stepping into your awareness, healing and guiding you in shifting your perspective. Contact me here or head over to my Spiritual Life Coaching page to get more information. 1:1 coaching calls 1:1 reiki session Group reiki 24/7 access to me Mini lessons in your login & weekly check-ins Plus my meditation series for free. I have a few package options and all include affordable extended payment plans Trust your nudges. If it feels like a yes, I got you. Reach out for details and we'll see if it's a good fit for you.

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