Ever Feel You Need to RESET?

By definition, RESET means: to set, adjust, or fix in a new or different way..

As I was dropping my son of at school from an appointment feeling...kinda frantic yet numb (weird combination, I know) I heard the word: RESET

​ I knew I wasn't going to allow myself to continue to feel frantic or numb.

But I had to FEEL IT

​ I gave myself permission to flow through what I was feeling. And how annoyed I felt being the single parent holding down the fort. (Not at my husband, I love him SO much, just at the deployment situation)

​ Hearing the word RESET was a beautiful reminder that I don't need a new day to reset. Not a new week, month or year ​ I just need a moment. And the DECISION to reset.

​ That's it.

​ You are fully allowed to feel the pain of a situation. You're allowed to be human. ​ Feel the feels. Sit in it if you need to. But also allow yourself to reset. ​ It's also worth it to look at WHY these emotions are surfacing ​

In my case...I wasn't giving myself enough time to do what I needed to do, packing in too much in too short of time.

Then ask yourself: How can I see this differently?

For me: I GET to take care of my kids, I GET to take them to appointments, I GET run errands, I GET to run a an amazing business that brings me so much joy.

I also GET to practice self care, slow down when I need to and RESET.

In the past, I've allowed these feelings to swallow me whole. I would literally sit in a negative, anxious, overwhelmed, angry state for days...or longer. With the healing I've done for myself, that's no longer the case. I can see the forest through the trees. YES, I'm still human having human emotions and experiences but it gets to be easier.

There's nothing special about me. You can do this too, friend.

Here's what I know to be true.. When you begin this process of truly getting uncomfortable and feeling what's coming up (instead of sweeping it under a rug) and stepping into awareness of what's coming up for you within it, it can feel like a lot. It can feel like a slow process to trudge through it. But I promise you that it DOES it easier. It will. Give yourself grace through the healing process.

So, today, I invite you to notice when you need to reset.

Do something to feel just a little bit better

If you need help doing this, I can help you.

I can help you uncover where you are stuck & blocked in your life, to see where your anxiety/stress/overwhelm is coming from at the root and how to “release it” to help you move on into the next step of your life!!

My Spiritual Life Coaching program starts on soon.

I have 3 spots available--I know you mentioned you were interested in the past. No pressure at all, just wanted to see if now is a better time for you. If so, contact me here or see my page for details.

No matter what you decide, I trust in the timing for you and I'm here for you! My door is always open.

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