Even Superwoman calls in for support sometimes.

Have you ever said this (or something similar) to yourself: "I can do it all"

or maybe: "I don't have time to relax."

As women, we tend to take it ALL on.

Somewhere along the way you claimed independence as a super power.

Maybe you lost your voice because somewhere in your life you claimed the belief that it's not ok to speak up.

Or maybe you learned that it wasn't safe or perhaps it's "weak" to ask for help.

Or maybe even you witnessed a woman in your life when you were a child (mom, care giver, grandma) who did it all and never sat down to chill.

Truth is:

Even Superwoman calls in for support sometimes.

You do NOT have to lay down your cape, friend.

But you do need to know this:

It's safe to ask for help

It's safe to be supported

People actually love to support you.

Truth is?

People DO genuinely want to help. All you have to do is ASK.

I know, easier said than done. I have personally had to learn to call in my support and my fellow superheroes when I need it or even before I get to the point of feeling the pressure of needing it. It's a work in progress that we can heal!

But how?

Grab your journal. (Go ahead, I'll wait.)

Write these journaling prompts out and then write through them:

  1. Why do I feel it's not safe for me to ask for help?

  2. Why else?

  3. Where did this come from?

  4. Did the women in my life as a child ask for help or did they "do it all"?

  5. What do I need to know about asking for help?

  6. What's my truth?

  7. How does it FEEL knowing this is my truth and it's already done?

Number 6 is now your affirmation.

I want you to write it on sticky notes, in your journal, put it on a cell phone location reminder or background. I want you to remind yourself this every single day until you have taught your body that it's SAFE for you to not take it all on alone or that it's SAFE for you to chill without repercussion. Sometimes relaxing IS the work. You are SO worthy of relaxing!

Sometimes this takes pivoting multiple times a day. That's ok! Remind yourself of your truth and step back into feeling the feelings as if it already IS your truth (because it is).

It's safe for you to ask for and receive help.

You do NOT have to do it all alone.

Be sure to save this blog post to come back to these journaling prompts.

If you're feeling anxious often, stressed, overwhelmed or triggered. Maybe you're having limiting beliefs and old patterns surface (like those above) and you're needing guidance and support, I'm here for you. My spiritual life coaching program starts soon and I'd love to be that container of support and guide you through understand, healing and feeling GOOD--back to who you are beneath all the layers. Click here to read more or contact me and we can chat about the details.

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