Dream Interpretation Tips

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

"Dreams are answers to questions we haven't figured out how to ask"

Do you remember your dreams?

I've joked with my husband that my dreams are so REAL that I could literally hook up a projector to my head and make movies.😂

I've always dreamed so lucidly, vividly 😍 🌬And I remember nearly every single one of them.

I should have taken the intuitive nudges many years ago to actually dream journal to download what the meanings are to them.

Our dreams are telling us something. 💫What we see and experience while we're sleeping is just the surface level of what our subconscious (or Angels/God/Source...w/ YOU believe in) is trying to tell us.

Sometimes it's that our conscious mind can't even begin to comprehend what's going on and we unknowingly shut ourselves off to the solution.

So here's what you can do... 📖Keep a notebook nearby to write down details upon waking up (or as soon as you can)

ANYTHING you can remember. 💡People, places, symbols, numbers, colors, etc. Details of what happened. The FEELING behind what was going on. What do you see and notice? What's the movement? Then...piece out key points to decipher it.

Here's my Dream Interpretation 101 video to teach you step by step how to decipher what your dreams mean!

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