5 Tips when you're feeling emotionally off

Updated: Feb 4

Recently I got a message with a sweet mama who said this:

"Hey I’m feeling really off emotionally today. Any helpful tips?"

First things first, I'm HONORED to be a safe space to land for you and grateful for anyone who does ask my advice. I LOVE sharing these things with you.

Right now we’re in Mercury Retrograde. It can surface a lot of things, cause communication to be weird, etc. Practice lots of self care over the next month and make sure you’re taking time for YOU. You can learn more about my Mercury Retrograde Survival Tips in my podcast episode here. Lots of grace, friend. LOTS of grace.

K, so let's get to it. What DO you do when you're feeling off?

I have 5 tips for you that are helpful but before I dive in this may be the most important thing I share with you in this email:

I want to give you permission to just FEEL through it! Sometimes they’re surfacing and you just need a good cry or to pout or stomp and throw an adult fit. It’s ok to safely feel it! It’s ok to sit in the mud if that’s what you need to do. Often we just shrug off how we're feeling and numb out or rush to just feeling better. I know that feeling off feels uncomfortable. I also know that something powerful comes from allowing ourselves to feel in a safe space. And when I say numb, it's not just in the form of drugs or alcohol even though those are the obvious ways, it can also be through social media (ever picked up your phone to just zone out while you were upset?), shopping, TV, food, etc. Being aware alone is a huge step and also means you're making progress.

Here’s 5 tips on what to do when you’re feeling off:

1. Meditation

This doesn’t have to be long, even just 5 minutes of deep meditative breathing will help. I personally love guided meditations. Something that guides me into focusing on my breath with intention.

If you’re in need of some meditations, I have a few free ones. 5 Minute Calming Meditation and Grounding & Release Meditation. Pop in some earbuds and enjoy!

2. Journal

Grab a pen and your journal and write out the feels and find out WHY you're feeling like you're feeling and the new story you can tell yourself that's your truth! (I have a free journaling guide here to teach you step by step how to do this.)

3. Shift how you’re feeling is by asking:

What’s ONE better feeling thought that I can have right now?

Doesn’t have to mean we go from feeling 0 to feeling 100, that doesn’t work long term anyway. But rather, moving up the scale of feeling a little better, a little better, a littler better.

4. Gratitude

List everything you’re grateful for and feel the FEELINGS of gratitude. Put yourself into the moments where you experienced so much gratitude and stay in THAT feeling. See if you can hold it for 90 seconds.

5. Put on some fun music and DANCE

When you’re dancing and acting silly it’s hard to be mad! Am I right?! I have a vibey play list on spotify that you can follow here called Empowered Women Rising.

Lots of amazing resources to help you rise. Try one, even if it's out of your comfort zone, and see how you feel! You are so worthy of the time to invest in yourself to feel good!

Again, give yourself grace and know it's also ok to sit in the mud sometimes! And entrust a friend or 2 who will catch you and lift you back up. If you're needing support further, my 1:1 spiritual life coaching program starts soon. I have 2 spots available. This is a great opportunity to clear the path of the things that are coming up for you to enable you to feel good. You can learn more here.

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