When thoughts pop in your head during meditation. Meditation Tips!

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Am I right?! For so long I said EFF IT because I could never get my brain to shut up long enough for me to benefit from the meditation itself. Ever experience that?! Literally every thought from chores to what I wanted for dinner to what the kids needed from me to what I wanted to do in my business for the day and everything in between. It was NOT relaxing like everyone said it was. Until I realized what worked for me: Short guided meditations Something that was simple to fit into my day Something that guided me back to my breath Meditation has now become a staple. It's helped me learn to be present, release things that aren't serving me, receive answers by going inward and ease anxiety plus SO MUCH MORE Here are my top meditation for beginners tips: 1. It’s ok if it doesn’t feel “perfect” Don’t worry about turning your brain “off” but rather noticing the thoughts and releasing them as they come. With meditation and mindfulness, you'll become more familiar with it and can have a bit of space to evaluate. 2. Keep it simple and short. Start by committing to a short daily practice. 10 minutes a day is a great place to start. Try it for a a week and reevaluate to see what works for you. 3. Bring an open and curious attitude. The point of the meditation isn't to simply master the technique but rather to shift your attitude, see your blind spots and become more familiar with your inner world. Have a playful attitude and let go of the seriousness that we can often bring to everything else in our world. 4. Create conditions to promote practice. Ask yourself (this is a great journaling prompt!): What challenges are there are to keeping your commitment? For example, if you decide to meditate first thing in the morning, it may be helpful to go to bed a bit earlier, not schedule meetings first thing, etc. I like to meditate first thing in the morning and I'll spend a bit of time getting my meditation space cleared up. Sometimes I’ll set out my sage, earbuds and crystals the night before perhaps to make the practice more inviting. 5. Begin again. Sometimes, despite your best intentions, you may fall out of practice. When you recognize this, don't waste precious time beating yourself up or giving yourself a hard time for not meditating. Simply begin again. In that moment, when you recognize you haven't been practicing, rededicate yourself to your intention and meditate. Remember, what we practice becomes stronger. Keep practicing, day after day, and see how meditation changes your life.

Guess what?! I've created an energy healing meditation series for you! 5 SHORT (we're talking 8-15 minutes MAX) guided meditations on:

  1. Mindfulness of Breath

  2. Anxiety release

  3. Self love

  4. Energy Protection

  5. Alignment

They're created to help you build on on another and they're all infused with quantum reiki. This means every time you sit down to meditate, you benefit from the healing frequencies of quantum reiki. You also get my meditation basics pdf and any updates I add in the future! It's a WHOLE VIBE. But don't take my word for it--check out a few of the testimonials at the bottom of the page ;) And...through Sunday 2/21/2021, take 50% off with code: zenAF Click here to head to the page. Don't forget to use the code at check out! Happy Meditating!

Want more meditation information along with crystals and how to smudge? Check out my FREE ebook: Woo Woo Basics here!

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