3 Tips to Ease Overwhelm

Overwhelm can creep up fast, can’t it? I feel you.

Recently I had a morning where I started off my day awesome.

Nothing was wrong, great workout, time with hubby, the usual.

Out of literally NOWHERE: BAM!

Overwhelmed and in a funk.

My husband came up and gave me a BIG hug, told me to take a shower and just restart.

Here’s what I know to be true.

The feeling of overwhelm sucks.

The feeling of anxiety sucks.

When overwhelm leads to anxiety? Not a fun combination.

Here’s what I also know to be true.

When something feels off in our body, it’s an opportunity for us to listen in.

Ask ourselves what’s actually coming up.

LOVE on ourselves, just as we would a child who is telling us the same thing

I would NEVER sweet what my child is saying is wrong under the rug, why did I ever get so used to doing that to myself?

One of the best things I’ve done for overwhelm (and anxiety) is to tell my husband what’s going on and what I typically need in that moment.

Now? He asks me what I needs or just KNOWS that I need a hug and he gives it to me.

So, enlist a spouse or friend you trust to listen and help you.

Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, try this:

1.Grab a pen and paper and write down: Why am I feeling overwhelmed?

**Whatever is bouncing around in your head should come out on that paper. If it’s a to do list, great! What NEEDS your magical touch? What can be “good enough” and have someone else do it? (Then ask for help )

2.What one thing can I do to feel even a little better right now? (Go do that)

3.How can I reset, shift my thoughts and move forward with my day?

For me, that looked like this:

—ask for help with the chores that needed done in the house

—take a shower and do my hair

—eat a healthy lunch (and have a piece of chocolate )

—smudge my house

—new moon ritual with journaling and meditation

—plan my week and write

For you it might be take a walk, dance around to some vibey fun music, take a nap, enjoy a relaxing bath--trust your intuition to guide you.

Save this blog post so you can come back to these tips. Be sure to email or shoot me a message on social media when you do them so I know how it went for you and how it helped you so I can celebrate with you!

I would love to help you learn about WHY you’re feeling things like overwhelm as well as stress, anxiety and triggers. Where they come from and HOW to heal them. My Spiritual Life Coaching program may be a great fit for you. You can learn more by clicking here or hitting contact me and we will chat about the details and see if it's a good fit for you.

Have an incredible day!

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