2019 Self Love Holiday Gift Guide

Ahhhh the holidays are upon us, can you believe it? I feel like I've BLINKED and the holidays are here! It's actually pretty incredible when you think about it.

I don't know about you but this year has taken a lot of unexpected twists and turns. The ONLY intention I set for 2019 is to FEEL GOOD. No crazy New Year goals or anything like that. I know that when I feel good, I am more in alignment with my highest truth. I also know that my next steps will be illuminated for me, things feel easier and more FUN.

I spent YEARS running a business I am wildly obsessed with and super passionate about and I felt that, even though I love everyone involved, it was no longer aligning in the way I had imagined it would.

I spent so much time chasing these ideas and agendas other people gave me instead of doing what felt GOOD and right. It even got to the point that I realized I actually wasn't doing the thing that I was telling other people to do and thought I was living so truly: truly loving me for ME. I lost who that was this year and now, at the end of the year, I can confidently share with you that I now KNOW who I am. I KNOW my authentic truth and what I'm here to do, give, share and be.

And I want to give that gift to YOU.

This year I have backed away from a lot that was no longer serving me, truly unapologetically. It didn't come without a lot of fear and self doubt. But in that, it gave me an opportunity to dive within and uncover these things I was feeling and going through. It also allowed me to give new methods and tools a try as well as further commit to things I love.

It all begin with a few things.

1. The desire to FEEL GOOD. Because, like I said above, when I feel good I know I'm in alignment with my highest truth (and damn doesn't it just feel good to FEEL GOOD?!)

2. Awareness. When I stepped back and took a birds eye view of it all, I realized I was not living in a way that felt good to me and I knew I had to change that.

3. Self love. I dropped what wasn't feel good and stood in my own truth NAKED and learned to TRULY love myself, go within and remember who I am at my core. And I LOVE ME in my authentic self. I've given this love SO freely to my friends, family, people I've met online...but I never truly gave it to myself in a way that I have now.

You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to others.

So how did I do this??

I did a lot of soul searching which included a lot of time being disconnected from social media to give myself space to think, time in nature and a lot of time journaling and meditating. More on the meditation in just a moment but with the journaling, I have discovered a way I call "Journal to Heal Method" to dive into things that are triggering me, what I'm pissed about, what hurts me, what no longer serves me. I have learned the questions to ask and how to make this process SIMPLE for you. If you don't have my free Journal to Your Soul guide you can grab it here. I include 7 days of journaling prompts to get you connected to your soul, my Journal to Heal method (as mentioned above), 5 simple tips to incorporate journaling into your daily life and my bonus ZEN AF tips to put the brakes on daily stress.

I also did a deeper dive into self care, healing my past, energy healing (Reiki) as well as crystals. If you follow my stories you KNOW I have crystals with me on the daily (jewelry, yes, but in the bra for SURE 😍😂).

Here’s what I know...investing in YOU is hands down the MOST important thing that you can do for yourself. We weren’t put here to not expand and grow.

In addition to that, when we invest in ourselves we become a better version of US. It spills over into our marriage, our parenting, friendships. When you have the energy and love from within, you can’t help but to spill it out into the world around you.

Pretty amazing, right?!

This is why I put together my top 5 tools for self love and elevating my life this year in my:

2019 Top 5 Self Love Holiday Gift Guide for YOU.

These are things I use and feel SO good sharing with you!!  Doing and utilizing these top 5 things are what really helped me elevate my life this year (including journaling which I shared about above but here you go again just in case ;) )

And...because I believe so FULLY in female small business owners, I have included my top favs that I just know you will love as much as I do.

2019 Top 5 Self Love Holiday Gift Guide

1. And She Rises Meditation Series

The gift of being calm, break from the chaos and on a path to feeling ZEN AF.

Mom life, wife life, doing all the things life 😂PLUS the holidays can sometimes leave us feeling like we're running on E as we're giving our heart and soul to others. If I'm not intentional about taking time out for myself, I know it won't happen. Especially when it comes to meditating. And look, I totally understand you're busy and feel like you don't have TIME to sit down and just zen out which is why these meditations are only 8 minutes to 15 minutes MAX.

Each of them are guided by me personally and infused with a beautiful energy healing that you will always benefit from each time you listen as well as relaxing background music. Through each meditation I include gentle reminders to come back to your breath and release your thoughts.

There's a meditation for anxiety and stress release, one for coming back to your breath, self love, ENERGY PROTECTION (this one is all caps because WOW it's SO vital to protect our energy and we are around a lot of it during this time of year too--it's incredibly revitalizing to protect our energy and know we can give without our energy being zapped, ya feel me?) and alignment which helps you go from scattered to collected in your body and mind.

You will have lifetime access to the meditations and all updates forever 😘

As my gift to you, And She Rises meditation series is 50% off (good through December 21st).

2. Reiki Energy Healing Session

My FAVORITE benefits of Reiki include stress and anxiety relief, increase of joy, happiness and calm, release of negative energy and any energy that is not our own, pain relief, spiritual growth and karmic healing.

Reiki has SO many benefits. I couldn't possibly list all of them because it's truly infinite and there's so many possibilities for each individual.

The type of Reiki I offer is completely 100% personalized by the individual. As a Master of 2 different types of Reiki healing as well as knowing higher consciousness healing, angelic and crystal healing plus adding in my intuitive psychic gifts, it's truly a unique experience for each person.

My favorite part of the healing is the depths of which Quantum Reiki can go. In the world of Reiki, this is the is most precise in treating imbalances from deep within the subconscious-out; by using individual healing frequencies so that a sense of reprogramming is achieved.

Clients have reported considerable changes in themselves, their reality, and way of life. A very powerful form of energy healing that has moved many towards mastering themselves and ascension.

If you have ever thought of doing an energy healing session, there’s a reason the thought came into your mind! For months on end last year I kept thinking I should do a reiki energy healing session and then I was hearing everywhere. Then all of a sudden I was seeing it online. After my first session, I was so blown away with how I felt and the healing that occurred that I started to have healings done from my healer twice a month. Last spring I decided to become an energy healer myself because I knew this was a gift that so many people could benefit from the way I have. You can read my full journey to becoming a healer here.

Taking care of ourselves from within is such a beautiful gift we can give to ourselves. Check out this FAQ video I made to answer your questions about what it is, how it works, etc.

I am able to assist with:

Long-term Physical Pains

Deep seeded Anger, Hate, Sadness, and Emotional Trauma

High Anxiety & Severe Depression

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Past abuse and unresolved spiritual matters

Manifestation of ones deepest desires

High stress


Environmental imbalances that affect you



Sexual imbalances



Mental functioning: focus, memory retention, clarity of thought

Vitality, and sense of self

Find ones spiritual path

           & more

Number of sessions vary based off of condition, and personal maintenance routine.

As my gift to you, you can receive $5 off my 30 minute energy healing sessions or $10 off my 60 minute energy healing session (good through December 21st).

Book here for special access to the sale pricing!

3. Crystals!!!!!

Every single day women are messaging me asking what businesses I buy my crystals from. For me, I always trust my inner guidance and gut. Does the business feel good when you read through their website or social media? Are they showing up? What are the reviews? What's THEIR vibe?? Girl, energy doesn't lie.

There's one business that was recommended by someone I follow on social media and completely trust. Since I found her, I'm totally drawn in. I've bought from her business repeatedly because, like I said, energy doesn't lie.

I'm HONORED to share with you my favorite crystal business and one that I trust, Illuminate Your Vibe. SarahAnn began her high vibe crystal business toward the beginning of 2019 and she just blows me away. Her ethic and drive is incredible. She is a beautiful, deeply caring soul and omg can we talk about her sweet doggie Bowie for a minute?! lol. Seriously. People you admire and adore you just get to love their pets and family too 😍😂

She has truly built a tribe of followers on Instagram that not only adores her too but also celebrates her successes--business AND personal (like when her honey who she calls Mr. Vibe proposed to her!!).

When it comes to the crystals she sells, she works closely with her suppliers and the quality of what she sells is seriously top of the line. She is intuitive about selecting her crystals when she sends them to you and she cleanses them all with sage or palo santo before sending them out. Whenever I receive a package from her, I can literally FEEL the energy not just from the box but the crystals themselves too.

I know you will be extremely happy with anything you purchase from SarahAnn and her crystal business Illuminate Your Vibe. Make sure you follow her on Instagram! She does monthly giveaways on her posts, frequently does giveaways in her stories, shares SO much valuable and helpful content for personal and spiritual growth which I completely adore (she lives what she preaches!) and does super fun sales via Instagram Live (like Crystals and Champagne!) in addition to her website she has up too.

If you have been thinking about purchasing some crystals for the first time...OR you're wanting to add to your collection...OR you're like me and just happen to see something and know you NEED it 😂😍, she's the business you want to check out! This is your sign 😘

You can find Illuminate Your Vibe here:

Instagram: @illuminateyourvibe

website: https://www.illuminateyourvibe.com/

4. Bath and Body care - self care at its finest

As women, I feel that we tend to put ourselves last. Many of us were raised seeing mom do most of everything, doing for everyone else and taking very little time to herself or for herself. It was seen as honorable to take such incredible care of their families. And yes, it really is such a beautiful gift to give so much of ourselves to our family...but what about US?

I remember reaching burnout and feeling SO much guilt around taking time for myself. It was a lot of inner work for ME to release that it was "selfish" to take that time for myself but honestly??? It's truly the most UNSELFISH thing we can do as women (and mamas!) to take time for ourselves. It leaves us feeling rejuvenated, energized and overflowing. When we fill our own cups we can truly pour so much more into others.

Self care looks different for everyone. It varies for me from getting my hair and nails done but what I do most often is home self care which includes a relaxing bath with beautiful bath salts, bubbles and whatever feels right (sometimes I'll put crystals in my bath water too!). I also love to burn a candle and incense and turn the light off to just R-E-L-A-X. I'm very conscious of what I put in and on my body so finding a business that is natural and homemade is very important to me. I think you're gonna love this business.

Kerri with GöKotta is a beautiful soul and mama to 3 sweet little ones. I fell onto her Instagram page from my soul sister, Steph, sharing her products and was absolutely pulled in by her energy and story. Her business slogan “Be Free, Live Simply” originates from the passion to inspire a peaceful life, free of chemicals while embracing a simple lifestyle. They offer 100% Natural, Handcrafted, Vegan, Sustainable Wellness products. They have spent the last year dedicating their time to perfecting each remedy with formulas that are made of all natural plant based ingredients straight from the earth.  

“GöKotta” is a Swedish word, which means “The act of rising at dawn to hear the birds sing and appreciate nature”. The belief is that “GöKotta” provides a boost for mental and physical wellbeing and leads to a peaceful and productive day. You can read the rest of their story here.

GöKotta offers a variety of beautiful handcrafted bath salts, bath and body oils as well as artisan body butters with names like: Unwind, Namaste, Breathe and Refresh. Ummm yes PLEASE.

Make sure to follow GöKotta on Instagram for beautiful inspiration and to see her work as well.

Instagram: @gokottawellness

Website to shop: https://gokottawellness.com/

5. Intuitive Spirit Reading Session

When I had went to my very first psychic-medium appointment, the ONLY person I told was my soul sister. I didn't even tell my husband. I was so afraid of being judged which is absolutely something I have worked on internally. The thing is, I was SO lost at the time and so desperate for answers to questions I just couldn't figure out on a logical level and needed some spiritual guidance. This was October 31, 2018 that I went. I have since gone back to listen to that recording and a lot of the things she said would happen, have. It's completely mind blowing. I have since had a small handful of readings done and it's seriously SO incredible the information and guidance we can receive that's so available to us!

When my soul sister + intuitive psychic bestie and I met, we were just two women hoping to help each other support one another in our businesses but what we realized through this journey of a little over a year knowing each other is that we have a lot of super fun spiritual gifts that we're helping each other know in this lifetime. Not only is it mind blowing and freaking AWESOME but it's also a really beautiful gift to be able to have a support system in each other as we travel through theses realms of our gifts.

Somewhere in the end of 2018, beginning of 2019 Steph came to the knowing that she has intuitive psychic abilities and has seriously tapped into it with full trust and faith. After she spent a month traveling Thailand and Bali with her husband she decided to start offering Intuitive Spirit Reading sessions.

This woman is FIRE. Not only has she changed MY life just by being present and being here for me with loving guidance and support as one of my BEST FRIENDS and SOUL SISTER but she's impacted and helped SO many people are the globe with her gift.

When she drove down from Canada to South Dakota in September this year to visit me, we actually went to Custer State Park and ended up doing a Spirit Reading for me right by the water. Having a session is so healing. Not only do you receive guidance on whatever it is that you're looking for (and whatever your soul group feels they really want to guide you with too!)...wow. Just having a knowing of who is here with you and an idea of what's to come is a beautiful glimpse that simply just cannot be put into words. When my session was done I received a lot of guidance for me personally, my marriage (which was the top priority at the time), parenting and my business. I STILL go back and listen to my recording because it helps me so much and is such a cool gift to have. Much like Reiki/Energy healing, it's truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Make sure you follow her for lots of laughter, fun, inspo and cat mom life ;)

Instagram: @stephdrempel

--click the link in her bio to book a Spirit Reading session

You can check out her Intuitive Spirit Reading FAQ highlight on Instagram by clicking here.

BONUS self love gift!!

The gift of health with 2 free weeks of my favorite workouts.

5 years ago I started working out consistently with these exact home workouts. Not only have I lost 40 lbs and gained muscle all from home (I'm a mama of 2 boys and an angel) but it's also been a way for me to have an outlet for ME time, fighting off depression by raising my vibes through exercise AND keep me healthy and strong. Plus, there's just no need to wait for a new year to start our goals, right?

There's literally something for everyone with over 700 workouts to choose from. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced...love cardio, weights, dancing, yoga, pilates, or boxing (and more options too)...want something that's 20 minutes or prefer longer 45 minute to an hour workouts.

It is THERE. AND...new workouts are constantly being added PLUS a food show, nutrition help AND it's portable...so you can take it anywhere you go. I've worked out from the mountains in Colorado during vacation and soccer tournament weekends to cruise ships, in transit during a military move (and while selling a house solo), from hotel rooms, visiting family...you name it. It's AMAZING!!!

AND you'll get access to my amazing Operation Jaw Drop community of like minded women who are also on their journeys. You'll literally never be alone! Watch the short video below to see some of the transformations of the women I've helped over the past 5 years.

To get your free 2 weeks to test it out and see if it's a good fit for you, click here. There's different options (you can do annual or semi-annually) but for the free 2 week trial you'll choose the 3 month plan. Then be sure to reach out to me on social media or via email so I can get you added to my private community.

I hope that these gift ideas inspired you to take some time and choose what feels right for you. And at the very least you have some AMAZING new women to follow on social media to light up your day, inspire you and encourage you to trust your path of healing. I'm sure I can speak for all of us when I say that we trust in the divine timing of what's best for you if that timing isn't now. Don't hesitate to shoot any of us a message, we love to connect, chat and help any way we can.

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Be sure to follow my Instagram Stories for daily motivation, self care/love tips and so much more!

To reach out via email: christian@andsherises.com

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