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Here's your next steps to learning 5 key steps to launching your Healing business with ease!!  Scroll down to see more!

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Step 1: An email is about ready to land in your inbox, if it hasn't already, with the information about the masterclass

Step 2: Expect a few emails to follow this initial one. 

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Step 3: Be sure to follow me on Instagram: @xo_christianjones

Are you ready RIGHT NOW?! 

DM me: 'Launch My Healing Biz' on Instagram by clicking the pink button below!


Click HERE for a special offer for my this month's Case Study!

Are you ready right now?!

I LOVE your excitement!  Fast action takers who are trusting their intuitive nudges and signs are my kind of souls ;)

I’ve got an incredible case study opportunity this month and I’m currently looking for 10 healers or aspiring healers who are ready launch (or re-launch!) their business in the world NOW so they can enhance their life or business and make an income while making a HUGE impact. 


I’ll teach you how to launch your healing biz into the world with EASE.  We will be leading with the feminine energy of creation and launching with the divine masculine (hustle and burnout are NOT the vibe here!).  

If you’re ready to do this, simply shoot me a DM on Instagram here (or by clicking the pink button below) with the words “Launch My Healing Biz” and I’ll share ALL the deets with you.


Meet your Coach

Hey!  I'm Christian Jones.  I'm a Spiritual Business Coach for Healers and Intuitive Healer. 

It's my mission to help healers, lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs to strengthen their gifts, transcend their business and help their clients expand further.  

I like to walk the talk: 

  • Helped over 100 women heal through combination of Reiki and coaching

  • Taught 50+ students Reiki all over the world in an internationally accredited certification program. 

  • Strengthen my own gifts and abilities through healing work 

  • Continued to raise my consciousness through healing myself

  • Bachelors of Science in Marketing with a Social Media Marketing emphasis

  • Been mentored and healed by incredible healers and mentors across the world so you can benefit too


My headache was gone without a trace almost as soon as I got started. I had taken all my medication and none of it had worked. Also, it worked on my husband and his headache as well!


I could actually feel the tingling move from my left had to my right hand. Then when I placed them on my heart, it was like it soaked into my body and my hands stopped! I'm just blown away at the simplicity!


I did reiki and within minutes, it went from a pounding, crushing headache to dull. I saw the energy once I placed my hands on my third eye.


There have been a few triggers that are coming up. I could work through them without the fear of losing people/abandonment.


I've experienced with (learning) Reiki:

fewer and shorter last migraines/headaches, better rest, helped my toddler ease allergy coughing fits.


My energy summoned itself! And then guided me where it wanted to go. It was SO cool!


Sent (Reiki) healing energy to my mother who had been diagnosed with 'rona and not 30 minutes after I sat in this energy for her, she was able to eat and get up and has since been on the mend!


[A big win for me was] being able to call on the love energy and move out anxiety that crept in.


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