What is Quantum Reiki?

Learn the full power of reiki in just 8 weeks.


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Are you ready to learn the most powerful and innovative reiki healing available to date?  

Quantum Reiki is the full power and potential of all reiki styles.

Step into knowing:

  • What Quantum Reiki is

  • WHY it's the most powerful style of reiki in the world

  • How it's the easiest style to learn

  • How you can use it in your daily life

Become an internationally accredited Quantum Reiki Master in just 8 weeks!

Meet your Coach

Hey!  I'm Christian Jones.  I'm a Spiritual Coach for Healers and a Quantum Reiki Grand Master.  I am currently one of a small group across the entire world who has the ability to teach Quantum Reiki.

It's my mission to help healers, lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs to strengthen their gifts, transcend their business and help their clients expand further.  

I like to walk the talk: 

  • Helped over 100 women heal through combination or Quantum Reiki and coaching

  • Strengthen my own gifts and abilities through healing work 

  • Continued to raise my consciousness through healing myself

  • Been mentored and healed by incredible healers and mentors across the world so you can benefit too


My headache was gone without a trace almost as soon as I got started. I had taken all my medication and none of it had worked. Also, it worked on my husband and his headache as well!


I could actually feel the tingling move from my left had to my right hand. Then when I placed them on my heart, it was like it soaked into my body and my hands stopped! I'm just blown away at the simplicity!


I did quantum reiki and within minutes, it went from a pounding, crushing headache to dull. I saw the energy once I placed my hands on my third eye.


There have been a few triggers that are coming up. I could work through them without the fear of losing people/abandonment.


I've experienced with (learning) Quantum Reiki:

fewer and shorter last migraines/headaches, better rest, helped my toddler ease allergy coughing fits.


My energy summoned itself! And then guided me where it wanted to go. It was SO cool!


Sent (Quantum Reiki) healing energy to my mother who had been diagnosed with 'rona and not 30 minutes after I sat in this energy for her, she was able to eat and get up and has since been on the mend!


[A big win for me was] being able to call on the love energy and move out anxiety that crept in.