Energy Healing Meditation Series


5 energy healing guided meditations

to go inward, take a break from your beautiful chaos and start on a path to feeling


Here's what's included:

15 minute Guided Meditation to help you release anxiety, worry and stress in your life.

15 minute Guided Meditation to help you go inward and return to the purest form of love and self love.

11 minute Guided Meditation to help you protect yourself from energy that's not your and release all negative and attached energy.

15 minute Guided Meditation to help you go from scattered to aligned + balance and cleanse your mind and body.

5 Guided Energy Healing Meditations

1) Mindfulness of Breath

2) Anxiety Release

3) Self Love

4) Energy Protection

5) Alignment

15 minute Guided Meditation to help you focus on the breath, stay present in your body and release thoughts to come back to full awareness.

BONUS: Meditation Basics PDF

In this meditation series, I infused healing Reiki energy in addition to the beautiful guidance, clarity and calm you'll discover.  Each meditation is designed to build on one another to help you receive the calm and balance you desire.

BONUS: Reiki Infused Meditations

Hey!  I'm Christian!

I'm a high vibe, energetic, optimistic and loving soul in the midst of a spiritual awakening.


I'm a military wife, mama of two boys as well as one angel baby.

In 2016 I walked away from my career in banking, put my marketing degree to the side and decided to pursue my soul purpose

It was then that I gave myself permission to step into who I am...while discovering my spiritual gifts including those of healing and coaching. 

I empower women to elevate their lives, shine light on their worth, activate from within and shed layers into who they truly are

Energetic Healing, Intuitive Guidance & Coaching

I have combined Spiritual Coaching, Energetic Healing as well as Intuitive Guidance

to help women heal.  

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a holistic energy healing therapy.

It works with the symptoms and root causes of imbalances.  Reiki works effectively with energetic, physical and emotional aspects of the individual to address imbalances on all levels.  Mind, body and soul.

Quantum Reiki focuses on opening up ALL energy centers and works at a cellular level.  This makes it better for YOU receiving the healing because we are working to the root cause of what is there to heal.   

Reiki Energy can be ‘sent’, similar to a blessing or a prayer, to enhance the properties of your meditation.

I flowed energy into the meditation as I recorded them, as well as, once more after the product was finished. Reiki Energy will always be sent for your highest and best good, keeping in mind the intention behind the meditation.


Christian Jones


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