60 Minute Quantum Reiki Healing Session

*with chakra alignment*


1 hour @ $60.00 

- - 1 payment of $60 or 2 payments of $30.

Completely personalized Quantum Reiki healing session with a full energetic alignment to help you feel clear and refreshed.  30 minutes of targeted healing and 30 minutes of chakra alignment healing using crystals.  

This high-frequency energy healing dives deep into the subconscious mind so that you can clean it out. Christian focuses on the chakras that are tied to your habits, thought patterns, pestering anxieties, fears, past-life trauma, unresolved memories, repressed emotions, environmental health, and intuition.

Precise in treating imbalances from deep within the subconscious-out; by using individual healing frequencies so that a sense of reprogramming is achieved.


I'll email you to determine what's going on and then do Quantum Reiki healing as it's intuitively guided.  The session will be proceeded with an email with a beautiful pdf informing you everything I did for you as well as what I saw, heard, felt and experienced for you.  Many times this is spiritual life guidance to help you on your path.  I also include resources as guided.

Link for payment will be on the confirmation page once your appointment is booked! 

**payment due at time of booking** 

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