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Launch Your Healing Business with Ease Masterclass!

5 key steps to get your healing business launched or re-launched without soul sucking marketing tactics!


Only $11.11 to join.

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Are you ready to Launch Your Healing Business & Book Your Next 10 Clients with Ease?! 

This is for you if you are a ​healer and you are ready to step off the hamster wheel of soul sucking marketing tactics that don't actually work and finally get your gifts and services out into the world (plus booking clients) with EASE.

In this Masterclass, I'll teach you:

  • 5 KEY STEPS how you can launch (or re-launch!) your healing business so you can finally make the impact and income you desire.

  • How to identify who your soulmate client is so you can speak powerfully to them and convert them into paying customers.

  • Create messaging that resonates with your audience so they fully understand what you offer and how you can help them.

  • Shift your mindset and clear the witch wounds so you can own your power and your gifts!

  • How to show up confidently and share your gifts with the world without self sabotaging.

  • 3 Incredible bonuses you won't find anywhere else: 

    • Grounding and Intention Setting Meditation infused with intuitive quantum healing.​

    • Visualization meditation to raise your vibration QUICKLY

    • Journaling prompts to support your key steps so you can take aligned action right away.


Lifetime of the masterclass and bundle available at your fingertips!

Ready to Launch (or Re-Launch) NOW?

I LOVE your excitement!  Fast action takers who trust their intuitive nudges and signs are my kind of souls ;)

I’ve got an incredible masterclass for Healers want to launch their healing business in the world so they can enhance their life or business and make an income while making a HUGE impact. 

You will learn: 

  • How to identify your soulmate client so you're speaking directly to them.


  • How to create magnetic AF content that makes sense and resonates with your soulmate client.


  • How to package your offer/s in a way that's aligned AF.


  • How to show up and sell with confidence (we're coming out of the woo woo closet, Healer!).


  • How to shift the BS limiting beliefs and regulate your nervous system so you can show up in your power and open your capacity to receive.

Healer, I know that you have POWERFUL AF gifts and abilities.  I KNOW that you are here on a soul mission.  I know that you have big goals and desires.  It's time for you to get those gifts out into the world so you can FINALLY make the impact and income that your soul is craving.  

If you’re ready to do this, simply click the pink button below and get signed up for only $11.11 and be prepared to have your lift shift in freeing ways you didn't even realize were possible before.

Click the button above to join now for only $11.11

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What if this could be your reality instead… 

  • Feeling confident and able to speak powerfully about your gifts and abilities without hesitation or fear of judgement

  • Show up fully, unapologetically, authentically in your business so you can attract YOUR soulmate clients - this is the secret to success that no one talks about

  • Able to sell your services with confidence, clarity and conviction. No more hiding away from your gifts, the price or shying away from socials.

  • Clear the energetics and patterns showing up in your life so you can finally step off the hamster wheel and be EMPOWERED.

  • Say peace the fuck out to imposter syndrome and stand in the knowingness of your truest potential & sovereignty. 

Click the button above to join now! Only $14.99

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👉🏻 “I booked FOUR clients with my brand new Instagram and only talking about reiki a few times!”  - Elizabeth 


👉🏻 “I booked my first clients within 6 days of completing my certification program” - Chandni 


👉🏻 “I continue to book 1:1 clients and easily launched my group reiki session even while buying a house, tending to my 3 young kid’s needs and moving off the Army post into our new home!” - Erica 

👉🏻 “I have a marketing background and I have never heard marketing taught this way. Fun, creative, simple and innovative” - AJ


👉🏻 “Christian is such a FUN teacher. She makes things easy to understand and is very supportive” - Carrie

Join now for only $11.11!

Launch Your Healing Business with Ease Masterclass!

5 key steps to get your healing business launched or re-launched without soul sucking marketing tactics!

In This Masterclass We Cover: 

Soulful Strategy

5 KEY STEPS how you can launch (or re-launch!) your healing business so you can finally make the impact and income you desire.

Gain Confidence

How to show up confidently and share your gifts with the world without self sabotaging.

Mindset Shifting

Shift your mindset and clear the witch wounds so you can own your power and your gifts!

Bonus Content

Journaling Prompts: 

Insightful and soulful strategy questions to support your key steps so you can take aligned action right away.


Grounding and Intention Setting Meditation infused with intuitive reiki to set intentions and clear your energy.  As well as a visualization meditation to raise your vibration QUICKLY

Masterclass Information

90 minutes of content for you to watch and use in your own time. 

Two incredible meditations infused with Intuitive Reiki.

An exclusive membership portal with unlimited access for lifetime of the masterclass. 

Supportive journaling prompts to support your soulful launch (or re-launch).

Launch Your Healing Business with Ease Masterclass

5 key steps to get your healing business launched or re-launched without soul sucking marketing tactics!

Join now for only $11.11

I Live and Breathe this.

I’m Christian, a Spiritual Business Coach for Healers and a Reiki Master.  

It's my mission to help healers, lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs to strengthen their gifts, transcend their business and help their clients expand further.  

I like to walk the talk: 


  • Helped over 100 women heal through a combination of Intuitive Reiki and coaching

  • Taught 50+ students Reiki all over the world in an internationally accredited certification program. 

  • Strengthen my own gifts and abilities through healing work 

  • Continued to raise my consciousness through healing myself

  • Bachelors of Science in Marketing with an emphasis on Social Media Marketing.

  • Been mentored and healed by incredible healers and mentors across the world so you can benefit too


The truth is…


→ I KNOW how to do advance healing work

→ I have implemented these healings into my personal life and business to maximize my business and income. 

→ I know how to support women to do the same


And I have the education, experience and skill set to support you with these things too.

Always growing, always shifting, always evolving. 


KNOW who your soulmate client is

SPEAK to them magnetically through your content

PACKAGE sessions and offers with aligned AF pricing

SHIFT your mindset and step into confidence owning your gifts with pride

And ultimately?

BOOK your first (or next!) 10 clients!

Launch Your Healing Business Academy FAQ

  • What is Reiki?
    Reiki is a form of energy healing that promotes energetic, emotional and physical well being. The channeled energy is drawn through the Practitioner (me) to your own energy field according to your body's natural ability and desire to heal itself for your best and highest good. However, I can also include an additional energy blessing of positive, specific intention!
  • What is Quantum Illumination Reiki™️?
    My hot-off-the-press, exclusive NEW healing modality that YOU will get to experience through 1:1, group sessions and/or in the membership: Quantum Illumination Reiki™️ sessions. The fun part? It's officially submitted for trademark and this isn’t something that I teach publicly… YET. But what I know for sure is that this high-vibration healing modality GETS results for my clients and has been getting results since June 2021. This is the *newest* style of reiki to date. Vibrating at 5D+ frequency and healing at a physical, subconscious/unconscious, cellular and DNA level. It heals at not just a physical and conscious level but also a subconscious/unconscious level, cellular level and DNA level. Meaning it’s the true definition of leaving no stone unturned and pulling out ALL the gunk at the root. 😏 It helps with the ascension process. What I know to be true is that the spiritual awakening and ascension process can feel rough to put it lightly. With Quantum Illumination Reiki™️, it heals powerfully yet gently so you're not feeling like you're riding on a rollercoaster with your hands in the air and the buckle not fully down wondering when the hell the thing is going to stop. You'll feel aligned, clear, connected with your nervous system regulated so you can operate through each day feeling grounded. Healing at conscious AND subconscious/unconscious level means that we are getting to the root of what’s been going on whether you know what has been causing emotional turmoil, cycles, patterns or not. DNA and Cellular Upgrades means that you receive Continuous upgrades no matter how many sessions you have Helps the Healer and client exactly where they are while casting vision and clarity on what they need to know Due to the strength of this style of reiki, it will continue to give upgrades as the client is ready. It will continue in strength with each session after each layer is pulled away.
  • What are the benefits of Quantum Illumination™️ Reiki? ​
    This non-invasive, completely benign healing technique is becoming more and more popular as it has shown to help with pain, emotional imbalance, and more. ​ The benefits are LIMITLESS but common ones are as follows: Spiritual Awakening, Enlightenment & Ascension Intuition development Clarity on your path Environmental imbalances and support in energetic shifts Insecurities and fears Manifestation Creating more calm in your life and nervous system regulation Fatigue & Insomnia, increasing energy Anxiety & Depression Relationships Pregnancy Physical Pains PTSD The number of sessions vary based on what you're seeking to heal and clear as well as personal preference of routine spiritual maintenance and self care.
  • Who is Reiki for?
    Anyone and everyone who wishes to see improvement in overall emotional. mental and physical well-being! Age doesn't matter, only consent and desire to up-level in all areas of life!
  • How does distance healing work?
    Energy is fast. Just like a light turning on or WiFi connecting and following you where you are. You do not have to be in the same room as someone to energetically affect them. That’s the power of the quantum field. Healing information and energy move fast. So, yes, you can be anywhere in the world and receive this healing. Distance energy healing is just as great as in person. Since energy is not tied to time or space, you can receive a high quality healing anywhere around the world. Just as we accept the fact that Wi-Fi, telephones and radio exist; we can try to accept the idea that Reiki can work over distance. It is the same principle, one only needs to connect to the right frequency, and this is where the Reiki practitioner (me) comes in to do the healing.
  • What is Christian's personal Reiki healing process?
    As a Usui Reiki Master, I have been intuitively performing distance healing focusing on the chakras and the body's energy field, since spring 2019. You can read more about my story on my blog or listen to it on my podcast: The Un/Tamed Healer. I have since intuitively developed my own style of reiki, Quantum Illumination Reiki™️ All sessions are personalized and tailored to the client (or to the energy of the group collectively if it's a group session) My Reiki is a highly intuitive process. Therefore, there are many times where spiritual messages come through to guide you on you journey. Sometimes it will come through in terms of a word, vision or phrase. I am also a higher consciousness healer which means during the sessions I often am guided to help you raise your consciousness to step into awareness of situations in your life currently so you can see where you can make changes for the highest and best good.
  • How is my session is tailored to me?
    After booking your session with me, I will send you an email with a form to fill out that will share with me what you're going through and will give me a direction on how to best help you.
  • How do group Quantum Illumination Reiki™️ sessions work?
    In a group setting, I call in everyone's energy, higher self and spirit guides. The energy is sent as a collective healing session and works for everyone's highest and best good based on what they're needing right now. You will not feel anyone else's energy or be affected by anyone else at all. Everything is done via distance which is just as powerful as if you were sitting right here next to me. You literally don't need to do ANYTHING. There's no call you need to be on, no video chat and nowhere you need to be. I'll call in your energy as a collective (group) and I set the intentions for the highest and best good for each individual to receive exactly what they need. I do the energy healing session from my home during the designated time as I feel guided for the highest and best good. Before I disconnect from your energy, I express gratitude and then send everyone into love and light. You will receive an email after the session with aftercare instructions. Within 3-5 business days , I will send a private video of everything I did as well as everything I saw heard felt and experienced through my psychic channels during the session (think spiritual life guidance and coaching in addition to reiki). You just live your life---that's it. You can take a bath, journal, relax in quiet, sleep OR you could even be working, running errands…whatever! There’s no “wrong way” to receive reiki and you will always receive it no matter what you’re doing.
  • After I purchase to reserve my group spot, what's next?
    Once you purchase to reserve your spot in the group energy reiki session you will be led to a thank you page where I have a video waiting for you as well as how to receive the pre-session email with the information to guide and support you. Simply follow the instructions on the thank you page and that’s it. I take the reins from there. ​ After I do the group reiki healing session, I will email you tips for post session healing. It's important that you read through these and practice some self care. Within 48 hours, I will send you an email with what healing I did as well as everything I saw, heard, felt and experienced along with some tips for the coming days to get the most benefit from the healing. Reiki can run through your body for up to 48 hours post session and you can feel the benefits/effect for up to 7 days afterward so reading through the email is important. ​ I will check in with you within 2-4 days after the group reiki healing session via email to see how you’re doing and if there’s anything I can help you with. Of course, my ‘door’ is always open if you have any questions or want to share something with me!
  • During the group reiki session, will I feel the energy of others?
    Nope! I connect to everyone's energy who is participating but never mix the energy of others together. Even if you are an empath, you will never feel the energy of others who are also in the group reiki session.
  • What do I need to do?
    Sit back and relax! Though the Reiki session will be performed at the time and date specified at sign-up, there is nothing you need to do except be open to receive. I do not need anything from you but your cooperation. It can be helpful to allow time and space to relax a few hours around the session, but it's not necessary. I will perform the session privately in my own home (unless we have discussed doing it via video or in person) and you will receive an email summary of everything I did for you in terms of healing, as well as any channeled messages or experiences I had with your specific energy when the session is complete if anything comes through for you.
  • What if I have something planned during the time of the session?
    If you have something going on during the time of either your 1:1 session or the group reiki session, no problem! Remember, there's no call you have to be on, no video chat or nothing in particular you need to do. You can be kicking back and relaxing, working, cooking, running errands, tending to kids or family, or anything that life brings! You will always benefit from the healing no matter what you're doing.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes! I love payment plans! I offer payment plans for all my 1:1 sessions. On my website you can choose "Buy Pricing Plan" for weekly payments or to enroll in Mind Body Soul subscription at a huge discount. Additionally, you can check out and choose Affirm as your form of payment (no credit pull or pre-approval needed) If you need a bi-weekly payment plan, please email me at:
  • When will I receive the email summary?
    This is a BONUS that I offer my clients (1:1 sessions and group). I will email you a private video recap with a summary of everything I did for you as well as what I saw, heard, felts and experienced (if anything) plus crystal suggestions, journal prompts to help you on your path. This typically gets sent out within 3-5 business days.
  • Anything else I need to know?
    Reiki energy is channeled for your best and highest good, so the length of the session can last a few hours to a few days. Additionally, you can experience some (unlikely) light detox symptoms such as headaches, nausea, deep emotional experiences, and more. Every body experiences it differently. Others have extremely beautiful experiences with Reiki feeling an extra sense of peace, calm, and clarity. Some even experience flashes of insight, ideas, physical tingling, and/or extra energy during or after the session. It's best to set a personal intention before the session that you receive the best results possible. If any emotions or symptoms do come up, know that they are signs of release and allow them to pass through without fear, frustration, or judgment. The release is a good thing, so ease into it and allow it to flow through! Upon purchase, you will receive an email reminding you of the information provided in this post and confirming your time, date, and participation in this beautiful healing experience! I will also send you follow a follow up email to share with you the experience that took place. as well as tips for post healing session. You will receive the pdf of everything I did for you as well as anything I saw, heard, felt and experienced via email within 3 business days typially. No two sessions are ever the same.
  • My training
    As an intuitive soul and starseed, I have been doing healing for as long as I can remember in various ways. ​ In the 3d realm, I have received my Reiki Master Certification with 30 hours of training through Natural Healer™️ as well as countless hours with various other healing and reiki programs and certifications. In 2021, I began channeling Quantum Illumination Reiki™️. You can read more about my story on my blog or listen to in on my podcast The Un/Tamed Healer
  • How do I know if this is for me?

Launch Your Healing Business with Ease Masterclass

5 key steps to get your healing business launched or re-launched without soul sucking marketing tactics!

Join now for only $11.11!

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